XCM XFPS Xbox 360 Keyboard/Mouse Adapter Available Now

If you hate using the Xbox 360's dual joystick controllers to play Gears of War, now's your chance to pick up the XCM XFPS keyboard and mouse adapter for the 360. Not only does it allow you to use a PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse, you can also hook up a PS2 light gun, a PS2 guitar, or a PS2 dancing mat, none of which are really supported on the Xbox 360 gamewise.

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ThaTeflonDon5252d ago

I will never understand how playing with a keyboard and mouse is better than playing with a controller for some people ....I love my PC but never do I want to use my keyboard to play games ....especially when some software companies over do it with number of keys you can use on a keyboard ...its crazy to me ....give me a controller any day ...nice and simple!

Rooted_Dust5252d ago

I can't wait for a cross-platform game that will pit gamepad users vs KB & mouse users. For FPS's a Keyboard and a mouse are perfect. With a mouse you control the speed of aiming while on a gamepad you could have the analog stick pressed as far as it goes but it still just moves at the same pace. Mouses are more acurate as well. 'W' 'A' 'S' 'D'

gsquad5252d ago

Now I wouldn't use it the conventional way but, I love racing games, and I love playing them with a racing wheel. However the best racing wheel in my opinion is not supported by the X360. Its the "Logitech G25 Racing Wheel". It has real leather, a 6 gear gated shifter, clutch petal, real metal design, and duel motors for force feedback and rumble support. Much better design than the X360 standard Wheel.

Bigger price tag too but I am willing to buy it.

This would probable be the only way I would be able to use this wheel. I think that it is a great idea and I hope that they start selling them soon before F2.

As for the Pc against console thing. X360 can handle that easily FIX MATCH MAKING!!!! If you have PC players pwning controller players, no ever has to know because the match making would start only putting the best players against the best players and it that happens to be mouse and keyboard players then they would be the only ones playing each other after a while. This is the same reason that I only play Gears on ranked, because for some reason I seem to get more balanced games, until people want to have there special teams, "could you go to locust please I trying to have pwn313 on my team cause we are friends." Idiots just play the game if you want to play with your friends go to a unranked match and invite them!!!!

Jump in and Welcom3 Chang3

P.s. pwn313 is not a real person I just puled a name out of thin air. I have never played Gears with pwn313 if there is one out there. So if you are pwn313 sorry to use your name.

OC_MurphysLaw5252d ago

When I heard that wheel was not for the 360 I was very disappointed. My one big question would be will it allow for the force feedback? Hopefully it does.

Zhoutai5252d ago

That's one reason why I have to get a PS3 first. Now dont get me wrong, I'll get all three of the systems. But Microsoft seems to be selling everything seperate instead of in one big Cache. They should have used bluetooth like Sony.

Grown Folks Talk5252d ago

but i don't think microsoft made this. just somebody trying to cash in on the system and all of the m &k is better people.

G_CodeMonkey5251d ago

The software (games) will still be expecting an analog "stick"-range of values. It may "work" but likely won't have the same sensitivity as the computer. I'll wait for reviews. gCM