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As a gamer life is sometimes strange experiencing all those alien invasions, racing for that first place in the world or saving the beautiful lady for the millionth time. That’s why I continue with gaming, all those lovely experiences but for games like Life is Strange everyone should become a gamer, everyone should play and feel Life is Strange.

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cfc831265d ago

Absolute joke of a score.

Two-Face1265d ago

Yeah, it should be 100/100

cfc831265d ago

I only got 2 bubbles, so i can't spar with you :-D. Usually scores like 97 are reserved for very few games. In my opinion Walking Dead is well better as an example. Life is strange was very decent, but ultimately over rated.

andresegr1265d ago Show
kraenk121264d ago

Glad to see this great game gets some well deserved recognition. Such a great game..the atmosphere is amazing. And that soundtrack!!
I also loved Don't Nod's first game for the same reasons...sadly the fighting system was a bit tedious.

TheUpbringer1264d ago

Welp, time to put the gun in my mouth.