10 Great Racing Games That You Can Play Right Now

ASidCast: "There are times when you’ve got a lot of free time and very few games that you’d wanna play. This is a list of great games that one must play regardless of how old they get, and not playing these would just be a sin for racing fans. Most of these games revolutionized their genre and probably created their own genre in the process, while some were just too advanced for their time. If in any case you missed these, then you better search for these games and play them for a fun dose of gaming history or as a new experience entirely. "

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nowitzki20041944d ago

Bad list, but to each their own.

No Forza Horizon, Driveclub, Assetto Corsa, or Grid Autosport?

And if you can throw in Trials when its not a racing game, why is there no Rocket League?

C-H-E-F1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

what shocked me was two games I loved during the ps2 era

JUICED and Street Racing Syndicate, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Then you have Forza 3, GT5, and the others you named above... smh

edit: and crazy taxi and trails aren't even racers lOl

traumadisaster1944d ago

Bought Grid 1 on pc for 2.50 last week, playing that at 4k60fps will make you feel nuts for ever spending 100's on racing games.

nowitzki20041944d ago

Says the guy who payed 100's on his 4k rig to play a racing game /s.

JK, Im sure its amazing in 4k... Its amazing in 1080p too so I can only imagine. You should try Grid Autosport, I actually liked that better than Grid.

traumadisaster1944d ago

I'll get it in a couple of years for 2.50. After I beat grid 2 and about 5 other racers I have.

Nitromonteiro1944d ago

@nowitski2004: I chose Project CARS over Assetto Corsa as a personal opinion,and Grid 1 over Autosport because the first one was great 'for it's time', autosport was good but just not that great.
Rocket League would actually be the next game if could make a longer list,really sorry on that.

@C-H-E-F: Juiced and SRS,are you serious? These are the games that defines the genre?
Hot Pursuit 2010 was Burnout Paradise with licensed carswith cops and wasn't even a better game world.
Crazy Taxi wins on the mobile platform,there are very few racing games on mobile with a open world. And the few there are,arent as good as Crazy Taxi. And racing against the clock makes does it a racing game.