Uncharted 4 To Have A New Balance Between Spectacle Vs Intimate Set-Pieces

In a recent interview with OPM UK, Naughty Dog's creative director Neil Druckmann, talked about the new balance between spectacle versus intimate set-pieces in Uncharted 4.

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VER1ON1264d ago

If Naughty Dog succeeds in implementing those emotional Last Of Us scenes in this game, they are golden. This is great news.

BartMoons1264d ago

After reading this, I fired up my PS4 to play Last of us once again. The emotional bond in that game is insane.

ravinash1264d ago

ND are already the masters of making you build an emotional bond with their characters.
it will be interesting to see what they do with this.

FallenAngel19841264d ago

I'm glad that Naughty Dog understands there has to be an ever changing balance.

Although personally I dislike portions on games where I am forced to walk slowly and powerlessly on repeat playthroughs.

VER1ON1264d ago

I tend to agree, although I never had that feeling while playing The Last of Us. I was literally sucked into it.

Ezz20131264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I tend to agree as well
but yeah
TLOU indeed was something else....that game got me from the first 10 minutes
It's my favorite game ever.

What a ride :)

VER1ON1264d ago


That scene in het beginning of the game, when Joel and his daughter..well Not spoiling anything. Man heart-breaking.

TwoForce1264d ago

I loved the Last of Us. And' i'm going to love Uncharted 4.

spicelicka1263d ago

Yea I have that problem with linear games, i don't like the hand-holding where I have little choice of movement and I'm forced to watch set pieces.

That's my issue with Uncharted but The Last of Us was the opposite of that and I freakin loved it. I hope they can incorporate the same method for Uncharted 4 and find a balance between the two, granted that it's supposed to be an action-adventure game.

jb2271263d ago

"Forced to watch set pieces"? Doesn't sound like you ever played an Uncharted game w/ a statement like that. A lot of the praise about the design of the UC series was the sheer fact that you weren't being "forced to watch set pieces", you were actually playing them. Naughty Dog's whole motto is "keep it on the stick" meaning that the controls aren't pulled from you during those moments. The only sections you don't actively control are the cutscenes that feature talking heads & zero action. You can dislike linear games all you like & I won't try to argue that Uncharted doesn't fit the linear definition, but the set pieces are a huge strength of the series, maybe you didn't like them but you can't begin to claim that they weren't controlled by the player.

As far as the linearity of the UC series vs. TLOU, the gameplay footage shown from UC4 so far all thoroughly illustrates that they are using that wide linear gameplay style from TLOU for UC4 but blowing that up even bigger. Unless the sections shown off are the only examples of that methodology in the campaign, UC4 will definitely be the least linear in the series. However you may feel about the series, there are plenty of fans like myself out there that all seem to be pretty excited about the prospect of the final installment.

spicelicka1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

^ First of all I get that you disagree with me but please understand I have enough integrity not to completely lie about playing a game, let alone one of the biggest games of last gen. I have Uncharted 1 and 2, 3rd one I'm only halfway through.

Second of all I should've been more clear in my explanation. Where I said "little choice of movement and I'm forced to watch set pieces" I wasn't referring to Uncharted per se, although parts of Uncharted that had those moments I wasn't a big fan of. I was taking a jab at COD campaigns where things explode around you, where you do nothing except what the games tell you. A tank comes, game points to an RPG, you pick up the RPG, game tells you to shoot from that sport, you shoot and move on. It's disgustingly linear.

Next, by forced to watch doesn't i didn't literally mean forced to watch. I mean you have minimal interaction. Like the sequence in UC2 where you're running towards the screen and jeep is coming crashing in your direction. You can only move left to right down that linear path, which barely amounts to "control".

That being said, after playing all of UC2 I did get the same feeling which you're trying to portray here, and what you're saying makes sense. That it's meant to be a linear action game with amazing set pieces, and that's part of the beauty of it. It's like those old school super mario style games, where you miss a jump you die a start a few seconds before it. This gave me new appreciation for the franchise.

I still believe it could benefit from more open sandbox environments in shooting portions of the game. And the shooting isn't criticized enough, which is really not good compared to other shooters, while it's almost perfect in Last of Us.

From what I've seen of Uncharted 4, these concerns are being addressed. I saw in the gameplay some nice flanking and maneuverability. The part where you're driving through the city being chased by the jeep is EXACTLY the improvement I was hoping for. Here we saw choice between paths and set pieces trigger differently on each path. That's very well done.

jb2271262d ago


Sorry if that came off harsh because I have seen a lot of people on here claim to play things then go on to illustrate they have zero knowledge w/ the series (a certain "Uncharted Veteran" comes to mind haha) and I just didn't understand that comment about the set pieces...I see where you are coming from in regards to other franchises though because having to watch set pieces & not actually have any interaction is a big bummer for me personally. There are many games guilty of this & actually Uncharted seems to be one of the few that at least give you some form of interaction during these sequences, and honestly they are one of the biggest trailblazers in getting other games to fall in line w/ that idea. Like you mentioned w/ the Jeep section, sure its a linear corridor but you are also hip firing back at that Jeep and that momentum may be narrow but it was very effective in creating tension in that moment for me personally. It's not about the amount of interactivity during those sections, its the elegance of it, every sequence working to keep that tension high. Also look at what was done w/ the train level in UC2, where most games would've dropped in a static backdrop or made most of the encounter happen through cutscenes, ND actually created a train moving in realtime through the country side...also in UC3 for the cruise ship section most games would've at best thrown in stock animations for the ocean, but ND created an actual dynamically moved ocean that ensured each playthrough happened a bit differently...the entire plane section in 3 being entirely on the stick was a feat as well. In my opinion the UC franchise would be at the top of the heap in games that really create those pulse pounding moments that you actually interact with.

I can see your criticisms about the nature of the gameplay & shooting in particular but for someone who is less a fan of the technical or twitch fps model & more a fan of the classic action adventure format, the shooting just feels satisfying & just arcade-y enough for my tastes. It's obviously not up to snuff w/ other games that put more focus on it but the fun factor worked for me for the most part, aside of some janky weapons in 3 & some bullet sponges in 1. Something about the way all of the gameplay mechanics are married together in the series just always felt so natural for me, and the only section I ever got frustrated w/ during the entire series is that big wide open room (I believe maybe chapter 10) from Drake's Fortune. For a 3 game series to only illicit one instance of frustration amidst dozens of hours or pure unadulterated fun is a pretty big accomplishment. It won't be for everyone but for people like yourself that don't necessarily feel at home w/ what the game is aspiring to, it does definitely seem like they are opening the combat up to more tactical scenarios & a higher degree of freedom & precision. My biggest concern is that they get that balance right so fans like myself don't feel like the game is trying too hard to fall in line w/ the times by aping other playstyles while losing its unique charm. Going off of TLOU though I'm highly doubting that'll be the case. Hopefully the game launches in perfect form and all of your issues w/ the series are addressed and you can get as much enjoyment out of it as I did the prior 3.

UserNameIsNotTaken1264d ago

Can't wait to see what the wizards at naughty dog were planning to do with my feels. *-*

VER1ON1264d ago

I don't think thats what Druckmann was referring to, but still.

1264d ago
ClayRules20121263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

This is a smart move "In my opinion"
We still get the big-spectacle set-pieces that the Uncharted series is known for, but we also get Intimate set-pieces "thanks to TLoU" that have real meaning behind them.
The photobooth set-piece in TLoU Left Behind DLC was such a great surprise. Those small Intimate moments from TLoU/Left Behind DLC were so powerful "In my opinion" I really love the direction Uncharted 4 is going!

I hope one of those intimate set-pieces for Uncharted 4 involves smoking a cigar with Sully =) I always wanted to do that!