'Mass Effect' Possibly Coming to Nintendo DS. Wait, what?!

In an interview with German gaming site, BioWare's Miles Holmes hinted that 'Mass Effect' could find its way to the Nintendo DS handheld at or around the release of Mass Effect 2.

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PS360WII4359d ago

Ha that would be awesome ^^

Now with that said make me another extra quest for Mass Effect Bioware >< Bringing Down The Sky only lasts so long

Dark_Vendetta4359d ago

Nooooo. I just sold my DS! Bring it to the PSP

Chubear4358d ago

EA will make sure they get their intial investment in the bag and reapin in the profits in record time. If the Gizmondo was still around, you can bet ME would be on that as well.

White-Sharingan4359d ago

why not PSP? wtf? I prefer that

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The story is too old to be commented.