Why You Should Be Excited About 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3'

Forbes: I know, I know, Call of Duty comes out every year. And every year, tweaks and settings aside, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect: a big, bombastic campaign, full of massive set pieces, barked orders and moments when everything goes really slow, fast-paced multiplayer where you’ll be killed by 12-year olds every thirty seconds or so, and some sort of zombies-style co-op. Neither subtlety nor innovation are big concerns. For those reasons, Call of Duty becomes a popular target for shade of all kinds, from comments sections, forums, blogs and all over. But Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is coming out on Friday, and I’m excited.

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gamer91267d ago

I like the mention of Destiny at the end of the article, it’s as if the thought of any new game to free you from the repetitive grind is exciting

venom061267d ago

another CoD fanboy hype article. This really isn't much more than Black Ops 2 with slightly different movements. Another CoD, another year. And next year, THAT ONE will be next "awesomest" CoD ever.. blah, blah, blah.

jokerisalive1267d ago

Love this series and Treyarch's work overall. Cant wait till Friday.

FullmetalRoyale1267d ago

Yeah I'm excited as well. My buddy didn't like AW, so we barely touched it, but thanks to the beta I know we both like the mp for Blops 3. Not to go off topic too much, but I am very glad it comes out Friday, so that the last several days waiting for Fallout don't kill me. I am genuinely excited for Blops, though.

MetroidFREAK211267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Black Ops 2 was the last CoD I went crazy with hype for. I wasn't as excited for Ghosts or Advanced Warfare, but Black Ops 3 does look good. Can't wait to play right away on Friday because digital preinstall :)

FullmetalRoyale1267d ago

Yeah I have to get my copy when I get off at four. ;)
My buddy and I are going to play Campaign, some MP, then Zombies. What about you?

MetroidFREAK211267d ago

I'm not a big fan of co-op sadly, but MP will be all I play. Maybe zombies, and I'll beat the campaign solo and probably never play it again. Same thing with every CoD haha

FullmetalRoyale1267d ago

I feel you. :) If I didn't play mp games exclusively with the guy I do now, I wouldn't give a crap about any coop. I got lucky and met my best friend the very first match I played in MW2(was also my first FPS) and since then have been all about games we can play together. Which of course mp falls into the category of. My buddy Mike was all about Zombies in Blops 1&2, which is the reasoning behind the order in which we'll play it.

Idk what platform on which you'll play, but perhaps you'll smear my brains on the wall? One can only hope. Lol

MetroidFREAK211267d ago

I play on Xbox One... The cool thing to hate

FullmetalRoyale1267d ago

Looks like you won't be killing me, then! ;)
Yeah that kind of crap irritates me(the cool thing to hate), regardless of what the topic is. You either like it or you don't, you know? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game, man! It was good talking to you.

MetroidFREAK211267d ago

Thanks man, it will be the same game on XB1 and PS4 so I'm sure we will enjoy our versions the same. Enjoy the DLC early and I hope it's good. Take care :D

raWfodog1267d ago

I haven't played a COD game since the original Black Ops. I might check this one out.

franwex1267d ago

I hope it's good, Halo 5 was such an unbearable let down.

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