Why Gears Of War Costs $60

Forbes has a well written, easy to read article about why games cost so much and where the money goes. Nice read if you would like to have an idea of where your money goes, however, if you would like to keep this a mystery, best stop reading here.

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original seed5255d ago

Epic is rolling out free content for Live users. Why does Genji cost $60??

The BS Police5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Because all newly released games cost $60 or more when they are released.

Another dumb article by Juevani.

marionz5255d ago

but im sure games are cheaper in NZ i payed $85 for the collectors edition, thats about $42.50 american i think, there is only a few games over the $100 mark here, $50 american, and viva LOL cost me $59 NZ! cheap az! most games are cheaper then what i payed for ps2 games!

power of Green 5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

Why doesn't this guy get band with his 4 accounts and all the spaming he does. Giving an opinion is one thing but this guy's out of hand with malace in his heart.

TheMART5255d ago

Nice question


Why does the PS3 cost 600 dollars? Because Sony needs to push it's overpriced BluRay format. The hardware does about the same as the 360 does, so no reason to pay 33% extra for the game console

Why do games that are better on the 360, cost equal the amount of money on the PS3 while that version is inferior?

COD3? Rainbow Six?

Marriot VP5254d ago

wow, your a spin machine all in one

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The story is too old to be commented.