Ninja Gaiden II's Mission Mode glitches achievements

OXM reports that you can watch replays via Ninja Gaiden II's DLC Mission Mode and it will award you various achievements for doing so.

It's believed that the glitch awards you achievements the player had at the time of recording the original video.

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Exorgasm3723d ago

This completely defeats the purpose of gamerpoints. Though the people who will run and go to up their gs using this glitch are probably the same people who pay $15 for the seriously achievement on ebay so it doesn't matter.

xSHROOMZx3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Nope never would I buy an achievement... but on tha other hand if its a glitch, and tha developers fault... then yeah, I will whore, only one problem.. my 360 was broke by a friend last week, so I gotta wait til' Sept. 7th and Im gonna buy a new one. So by that time it will more than likely be patched... damn.

Oh and one more thing.....f**k!

kevnb3723d ago

seeing as how most of team ninja is gone, it isnt completely unexpected.

zornik3723d ago

Team Ninja is making this glitch to make up for the "Dead Or Alive Extreme 2" achievements (these r so lame)

highps33723d ago

I thought it was sooo easy to developer for...

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