Fallout 4 PC Ultra Settings Screenshots

Some screenshots from the PC version of Fallout 4 at ultra settings were just leaked.

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DarkOcelet1815d ago

Modders are going to do wonders to this game.

Ezz20131814d ago

The art style look nice

as long as they add great gameplay and dialogues (the two main problems with Bethesda games) this time i'm all for it.

DarkOcelet1814d ago

I wouldn't worry too much about the gameplay since DOOM developers gave Bethesda a helping hand.

inveni01814d ago

This does look much nicer to me than the console images. The higher res textures are noticeable. No HairWorks is disappointing, though. I guess I'll decide today whether to switch from PS4 to PC. (The kids want it on PS4, but Daddy is buying, and he has more opportunity to play on PC and doesn't have to wear his glasses on PC, either.)

Ezz20131814d ago (Edited 1814d ago )

Really ?!

The new Doom gameplay looked awesome ....are you sure about this ?!

Ezz20131814d ago

Wow, That's great news

frozen-assets1814d ago

How I like to play Bethesda games, play the crap out of it at release, put it down for a year or 2 until all the expansions are done, then play it again with all the new content and a mature modding scene.

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isarai1815d ago

Those are VERY compressed

pivotplease1814d ago

Yeah there's no way the game will look like this in motion while set to ultra. There are PS3 games that shame some of these screenshots. I think we can expect a lot more once we get our hands on it. Or even just review footage in another week or so.

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Heyxyz1815d ago

Not bad, Eh?

I know people think this game has poor graphics, but I really like them. Graphic style is more important than graphic quality, and I think this game has style.

My_Outer_Heaven1815d ago

Could not agree more I love the style but modders will eventually have their way with this game.

Ocsta1815d ago

Looks AMAZING to mine eyeballs. This week can't fly by fast enough!

oIITSBIIo1814d ago

You can have both unless the developer is lazy.

samden1814d ago

Working on this game for 6 years is lazy? 400+ hours worth of gameplay right out of the gate, before expansions, is lazy? I wish people like you would spend a half a lick of your time trying to actually develop a game and realize how hard it is.

samden1814d ago

I fully agree, it wouldn't make sense for this game to look like Crysis or some other game where they push the graphics as far as possible and leave the gameplay in the background. Balance is key and I feel like Bethesda really nailed it with this entry!

iNFAMOUZ11815d ago

this is very nice for a world that big, cant wait man 7 more days!!!

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