Reinvigorating Assassin's Creed: How to revolutionize the franchise

Eggplante has a few ideas as to how to reboot the franchise and go in a direction that will really excite fans.

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-Foxtrot1264d ago

Reboot, go back to Assassins vs Templars, have a present day plot like Desmonds which makes going back to the past understandable

It's all about stealth though, that's what they've hardly ever gotten right. They went to Pirates before they added a crouch button that's how bad it is.

I should be able to have a variety of stealth options, hide in more places, more non lethal take downs, allowed to dress like the enemy to blend in, a good use of a cover system to lay low, interrogate enemies, scare enemies off if rep is high enough, do things to intimate large groups of enemies if you don't want to fight all of them, be able to crawl so I can hide underneath beds, carts and the like

I could go on.

GreetingsfromCanada1264d ago

Why do that when Syndicate ended up being a brawler with optional stealth that worked well. The series is about to move to the American Midwest, as many, many sources point to. So it'll probably follow in the footsteps of Syndicate, but with more guns.

phoenixwing1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

feudal japan. I would make sure to pick up that game in a heart beat. That's all i have to say.