Top 10 Capcom Series That Need to Be Revived

A.J. says: "Very few companies have as many legendary series as Capcom. In this list, I'll explore ten that would fit right in with today's evolving gaming scene. If you're ready, put on your nostalgia goggles and let's begin!"

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DarkOcelet2774d ago

An Open World Current Gen Dino Crisis would be sick!

They should continue where Dino Crisis 2 left off with Regina.

Godmars2902774d ago

Isn't that, sans any real survivalist or SP mode, ARK?

Or rather, it likely the closest you'll get to a modern Dino Crisis.

DarkOcelet2774d ago

I did not like ARK because playing the game Solo sucks and playing online is unbalanced.

I just want to be in an open world Solo kicking Dinosaur butt with Regina.

Capcom have a mine gold of Ip's and they arent doing anything with it.

Bhuahahaha2774d ago

yup agree.
i was hoping the movie jurassic world would have an impact to capcom and decide to revive the franchise.

and megaman legend world be a good open world game too

Godmars2902774d ago

Yeah. Good luck in wanting anything SP in the current climate.

DarkOcelet2774d ago

Wasnt Witcher 3 SP? Isnt Horizon SP only? Isnt FFXV SP only? Yeah, SP is here to stay my friend.

jeremyj29132774d ago

That and Onimusha would put Capcom back on the pedestal I used to hold them on.

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stonecold32774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

rival schools xmen vs street fighter marvel super heros vs street fighter street fighter ex street fighter alpha 4 dino crisis devil may cry would love to see these games get remade in hd remake

gantarat2774d ago

Final Fight ? i miss Capcom beat 'em ups.

VideoChums2774d ago

Yeah, that's a good one! :D

optimus2774d ago

I'm a bit more old school and would like to see a remake of legendary wings. and/or u.n. Squadron...the technology is there to make great games out of these...after seeing the dogfights in the new star wars battlefront i believe these 2 games have a great deal of potential if remade...yes, i know battlefront is ea but they can license the engine or come up with their own...these games are begging for a remake.

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