Nintendo Stock Drops Nearly 20% in 5 Days, Loses $5+ Billion in Stock

Nintendo stock has not been performing very well the last five days. Immediately after its investor briefing, the company's stock fell more than 10%. Since then, however, the stock has lost nearly 20% combined, dropping from 23,880 yen to 19,415 right now, a 19% drop.

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Kalebninja3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Holy shit, that's insane, but not surprising. I hope for Nintendo's sake they listened to their fans and get it together. Another blow like that would be devastating.

Ck1x3185d ago

Your comment makes no sense, because the drop in their stocks is directly related to their delay in mobile apps and games and not anything to do with their dedicated platforms. People love to reach!

Loadedklip3185d ago

5 billion dollars in stocks is a HUGE deal.

Shnazzyone3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

tought for them going into the holiday season with no new games to market wii U.

benji1013185d ago

The thing you need to understand was that the stock was at an overinflated price. The value of the stock increased by 70% based on the announcement that Nintendo were making Mobile games, it is now sliding back to a more realistic value. This is not news to people in the stock business just news to brain dead websites that never research their stories.

BenRage33185d ago

You are correct. It's funny that when Sony's stock reached junk status it wasn't even a blip on the radar here at n4g. Nintendo loses a percentage that still leaves their stock higher than it was a few years ago and here come all of overgrown infants telling us how big a deal it is.

While no one is thrilled with this news, let's not blow the news out of proportion.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Investor Meeting for business and shareholders.

They aren't gamers. They just want to see what they want.
When they didn't such as Miitomo. They got butthurt because it wasnt Super Mario Angry Bird Edition.

Nintendo's Shareholders =/= Nintendo Fans

They wanted Nintendo to make something for mobile and they got it.

GordonKnight3185d ago

Greedy investors. They just can't wait for Nintendo's stock to pop. Nintendo has a lot going on other than mobile games. These investors are just as bad for gaming as publishers.

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hello123186d ago

If they went third party they would make a killing on both consoles and PC. Look what Minecraft is doing! Nintendo games are killer franchises but they are going to waste on a console that people today are not interested in buying.

mochachino3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Or if they made a console that wasn't shunned by third parties.

Obviously there are millions of people that buy nintendo consoles for its exclusives. Nintendo's mistake was thinking their exclusives were enough to compete against all the third party games. And in order to have third party games, they need comparable power, architecture, and a proper online infrastructure.

If Sony, Nintendo, and MS all had similar hardware (like Sony and MS have done) and separated themselves by exclusives and online (like Sony and MS do), Nintendo would be a good competitor.

For some reason, every since N64 Nintendo just tried to carve a niche market with oddball hardware decisions, the most popular games just went to Sony, MS, and PC.

Sure Wii was popular but Guitar Hero once had the best selling games too. Casual were here for a moment then left for free (P2P) phone and tablet games. I remember so many gamers on N4G saying that focusing on casuals was trading a short term gain for a long term loss. Too bad the market researchers didn't see it coming. But they also thought console gaming may be dead so what do the Patchers of the world know.

RPGrinder3186d ago

Wii was popular because of the hardcore games like Smash that sold 10 mil copies.......

BigDuo3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Third parties generally don't view Nintendo home consoles as being a viable platform to their respective business because of demographic issues. The lack of hardware power and architectural party is a problem from a technical perspective, but the much bigger issue has always been Nintendo platforms lacking the target audience necessary for third party games to be commercially successful on them. This was a problem even on GameCube which was more powerful, had architectural party, and easier to develop for than PlayStation 2.

Nintendo making comparable hardware to that of Sony and Microsoft's may help solve some of Nintendo's problems, but not all of them. It's not a magic solution that some people think it is. Also, even Satoru Iwata has gone on the record admitting that Nintendo is not a good direct competitor, so Nintendo doesn't even have the will to even try to do better. Of course, Nintenod has a track record of being a two steps forward, one step backwards ckind of direct competitor, so I don't see why they would really change despire Satoru Iwata's death.

Nintendo made mistakes with the N64 based on thinking too much of itself and what third parties wanted. Nintendo's decision to stick with game cartridges was so that they could charge third parties more money so they could be more profitable. It was a lucrative business for Nintendo and they didn't want to switch to a new media format back then. Nintendo also designed the N64 in a way that made it difficult to program for to which Shigeru Miyamoto has acknowledged. This wasn't really a deal breaker in itself to third parties because they even choose to work on platforms that were harder to develop for, BUT PS2 was something developers endured to work on because their games were generally profitable on it compared to GameCube.
Lastly, concerning the N64, Nintendo's strict policies with third parties and the rise of Sony as a new platform holder with more lenient policies, convinced third parties that they no longe had to endure dealing with Nintendo's greed and shenanigans within the industry when it was the market leader in both handheld and home console prior to N64's launch.

Quite frankly, Nintendo's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Nintendo found major success with targeting non-gamer market, but when they failed to have that audience migrate to 3DS and Wii U, it was left with a shrunken dedicated fanbase, and the popularity of mobile gaming became more than a threat to Nintendo's bread and butter target demographic: children.

I do admire Nintendo's desire to differentiate and innovative itself despite the risks and failures it faces. One thing is crystal clear in all of this though, and this is despite Nintendo';s failure with Wii U, the company is 100% adamant about continuing changing how we play games. It has no interest in trying to be more like Sony and Microsoft. It wants to be more ambitious and creative in offering consumers a product we didn't know we wanted. That obviously is not easy to do, but failure isn't going to phase Nintendo. While Nintendo will certainly makes some internal decisions of the company that Satoru Iwata may not have approved of, but Nintendo's philosophy remains consistent in spite of Wii U's fumbling. Nintendo's also already confirmed their plans are to carry out the work he laid out for them. Iwata's already told us before his death that NX is a "brand new concept,"so the the writing is on the wall.

BiggerBoss3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )


Do you honestly believe that? The Wii sold so well because it launched at the perfect time. Between the motion controls and the "fitness" appeal, it was meant for casuals from the beginning. Smash sold so well because the Wii did, not the other way around.

dcbronco3186d ago

Developers ignore Nintendo mainly because the console doesn't sell. With both Microsoft and Sony using x86 and Nintendo having such a small install why would anyone bother making a special version for Nintendo. NX has to have real power in order to get third party attention. A 5-6 teraflops machine will make developers want to be on Nintendo and make gamers want the console. Everything else will fall in line with that.

_-EDMIX-_3185d ago

@RPGrinder- nope.

Yet are those titles not on Wii U right now? How is Wii U doing?

Wii did well due to its motion appeal, you can add up Nintendo's exclusives and they don't equal Wii's sales bud. People bought Wii for those motion titles.

Again...does Wii U not having those "hardcore games"?

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BattleAxe3186d ago


It's going to happen, it's only a matter of time. I've been saying this since before the WiiU launched. Personally, I think it would be a great move for Nintendo.

Ck1x3185d ago

Sega is currently struggling and only made 7 million dollars in profit this quarter and yet people feel that Nintendo should do exactly what Sega does. There's absolutely no guarantee that Sony and Microsoft gamers will buy Nintendo software or that Nintendo’s core audience of handheld and console buyers will move over to those other systems.

Nintendo would be absolutely foolish to give up the possibility of even being moderately successful like they were during the Wii/DS days. Obviously the current president feels that Nintendo has a very sound business plan if they feel like they can surpass those Wii/DS profits in 3yrs. I think people are jumping the gun to quickly and should at least see how business turns around after their mobile, theme park and movie/TV ventures pan out.

BattleAxe3185d ago

I think most people would agree that Sega makes some pretty crappy games. I can't think of one critically acclaimed title that Sega has made in years. The point being that you can't really compare Sega with Nintendo in terms of quality and quantity of triple A game franchises.

JoeReno3185d ago


The Yakuza series is a Sega game which has a hardcore following, and mostly well recieved critically.

Loadedklip3185d ago

I agree. I don't know why Nintendo fans want Nintendo to have their own console.

Isn't the GAMES the only thing that matters?

Would they enjoy Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Smash Bros, Zelda, Metroid any less on a playsation or xbox system?

If anything the games would look even better AND you would have access to all the third party games.

N4g_null3185d ago

I actually don't like their interface and controllers, plus they would be at the mercy of others API and sdk, which would result in more delays.

What makes you think sony and Ms wouldn't actively sabotage nintendo so they could poach their talent if nintendo was put under one of those guys?

Im not sure how long you have been gaming but none of the franchises from the snes survived the playstation days. Yeah almost zero. What did sony do to stop that? help the FF7 guys and that was about all. Also 3rd parties sort of suck these days and the power isn't helping, it's a distraction because they don't know how to make a game with out it.

marloc_x3185d ago

Those machines would have trouble rendering that much fun😆

MrBrofist3185d ago

If they went third party they would make far less money in the long hall.

Nintendo makes more money off games by having them exclusive on their platforms

The reason Nintendo games have long term sales is because they aren't competing directly with third parties.
Them going multiplatform would kill any momentom their games have.
Why do you think a lot of developers bank on first week release sales?
They compete with so many other developers withing the same month.
Thats why prices gets slashed on so many games far more quickly than Nintendo release titles.

Going multiplatform also means they will take fewer risk.
If you think they milk Mario games now, they'll release one every 8 months.
Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will be as seasonal as Call of Duty.

The only people who want this to happen are fan boys of the other two so they can boast about which one is getting Zelda

Loadedklip3185d ago

If Mario 3D World was on PS4 and XB1 .. ti would have well over 10 million in sales already.

The limited user base limits potential sales.

See the sales of Mario Sunshine and 3D World on small user bases.

Then see Mario Galaxy, Mario 3D Land on bigger user bases.

As for competing against 3rd parties? Nintendo games did just fine vs third parties back during the SNES.

In fact they were the number 1 publisher.

Right now ... they are still up there with the top publisher DESPITE having a 300 dollar paywall called the Wii U.

But of course ... less units sold for every single franchise due to that paywall.

Nintendo makes money on game sales .... they would make far more as a third party then on their own system.

Competition from third parties? lol

GordonKnight3185d ago

They would make Sony & MS a killing with the royalties Nintendo would have to hand over. Nintendo would lose a lot of money going 3rd party.

Loadedklip3185d ago

They would make more money since their games would sell far more with the bigger userbases.

Wii U limits the sale potential of their games and nets Nintendo next to nothing in royalities since they don't have much 3rd party support.

If the royalties were so high as you seem to be implying .. then EA, Activistion and UBisoft (the only publishers in Nintendo's league sales wise) would create their own systems.

Know why they don't ... cuz its a huge expense and risky.

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RPGrinder3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Nintendo stock has been up HUGE this year. This is sensationalized nonsense. The stock has been up 40% this year overall yet that got no article.

The comments here are downright embarrassing.