This Year’s Best Co-op Chaos – Warhammer: Endtime – Vermintide Review (Pixel Gate)

Pixelgate writes

''After redefining what a Co-op experience could be, Left 4 Dead left a lasting impression on video game development. The sheer ferocity and intensity of Left 4 Dead became a instant hit, with the game spawning a sequel as well as influencing various other titles. It’s influence can still be felt to this day, especially in Warhammer: Endtime – Vermintide.''

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Saelyn1262d ago

Why have I not seen this. Love the lore of Warhammer and W40K. Will have to add this to my collection.

PixelGateUk1262d ago

It's had a rather hushed release, but it's starting to become a cult hit. Hopefully they'll do a little more marketing on the console version

Saelyn1262d ago

Ah that would explain it. Now to decide if I'll wait patiently for the console or go for the PC.

robtion1262d ago

Looks good. I will take a look when it hits ps4 next year.