Sony continues to widen its console sales lead over Microsoft

Ars Technica's latest analysis of the worldwide game console market will look largely familiar to anyone who has been following our previous reports. Sony continues to slowly increase its majority share, while Microsoft holds relatively steady and the Wii U slides quickly into market obscurity.

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Thatguy-3101263d ago

Console war is done. There's no way the Xbox one will catch up and surpass it. If VR takes of next yr it will usher in a new Era of experiences that the ps4 will be the center of.

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Who cares if Microsoft catches Sony or not. just play some games on your system or on your PC you enjoy what you're playing. Don't worry about console wars grow up. Be a gamer and game on

Dabigsiebowski1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

And where were you when Sony was getting pummeled by Microsoft last gen during it's early life? Where were you when all the 360 fans were bragging about how CoD was true 720 on 360? Where were you when Final Fantasy left it's home for 10 plus years and magically turned to crap? Where were you when all the flack Sony was getting for being hacked and bringing down it's "FREE" online service for a month?

I know where I was E3 2013..being blown away like Sony has always done with each console.

Sony took a step back and made all the right calls this gen. People smart enough to realize that Sony truly cares about stellar first party content as well as third. They put out a smaller better spec machine and cheaper as well compared to the competition.

It all makes sense, so go ahead clamor on to that pity lets all be gamers and settle down and enjoy what we have talk. I've owned Sony for years and I know the tarnish that others have done to the industry and they have yet to let me down a great games which matters the most.

ALowlyRock1263d ago

C'mon, everyone knows you can't enjoy playing games unless you know the plastic box you're gaming on is selling more than the other plastic boxes out there.


Dabigsiebowski in response to where was I last gen when all those people were bashing the ps3 I was at home then I was playing my ps3 so shut up

InTheLab1263d ago

Interesting that a forum for discussion isn't the place for....discussion. Why not simply ignore these threads if it bothers you so much to tell those interested in something you're not to grow up..

_-EDMIX-_1263d ago

...yet you came on an article about sales numbers?

Why? If don't care, don't post. That is like me going to every article about Madden to tell them how much I hate Madden and question "who care" I mean...maybe those on the article about said topic lol

You can like business news and still like games bud, liking one doesn't mean hating can apparently do both.

Tobsesan1263d ago


Could you be anymore salty?
Did people last gen made you so angry you have to troll now?

bloodybutcher1262d ago

Well said, ares. Last gen i didn't care for sales either, just played my ps3. Don't care now

DLConspiracy1262d ago


While I have heard that is true. Does it now make it alright to seek revenge on everyone, make fun of others enjoyment or act the same as them? ALL because of what other people did last gen? What happens next gen if the Xbox outsells the newest PS5? Hypothetically speaking you are saying it will be OK for those who have taken a beating this gen to act the same. Personally I wasn't there last gen for this anti gamer behavior. The sad thing is these companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

nyzma231262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

@DLConspiracy lol revenge can't you be any more kiddies

fr0sty1262d ago

This logic is flawed. If you enjoy playing games, you should care about sales, as better sales = more install base = more devs willing to risk launching their game on that system, and more exclusives, especially from third parties.

kenshiro1001262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I like how people like you come to a sales article and talk about how much you hate sales when you could have avoided the article in the first place.

Sales is what keeps a console going. Without them, there would be no funding for games, period.

muzikjunkie801262d ago


i agree to an extent but lets be honest 15-20 million xbox one consoles out there is hardly classed as poor sales imo.

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Letthewookiewin1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I foresaw this when I found out they were launching at the same time. MS's library of games is no match for Sonys. And people know it. Now that Halo 5 wasn't the tide (sales) turner MS thought it was going to be, it'll be interesting to see how they conduct themselves the rest of this gen. Literally this holiday was their last chance to put a dent in Sony's lead and the only way I see them holding on to the current ratio is heavily discounting the X1.

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meche3341263d ago

Nobody is stating exclusives that ps4 has over xbox one.

DLConspiracy1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

So this is what N4g has become? Getting "well said" for absolutely no links? Seems like the people on this site have become completely biased and one sided. Btw the holiday isn't over. Doesn't mean xbox is gonna catch up. As long as they are making money and people are happy who gives a flip?

SatanicEyeJesus1262d ago

"MS's library of games is no match for Sonys." - here you won my bubble!

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Azzanation1263d ago

PS4 clearly wins in sales. . But now what? There are no benefits or gains. MS arent going to stop competing because of a companies success.

1263d ago
Azzanation1263d ago

Its comments like yours which are the problem with this industry. Better support? Sorry I haven't notice Xbox not getting any more support. . I mean they have a chunk full of games that just released in 2015 and another truck load in 2016.

If you dont like Xbox dont buy one, Xbox is successful regardless and there will be another one coming next generation as well.

This isnt a sport where sales lead to goals scored. There is no golden trophy for the best selling console, there isnt a championship to win. You can win in sales by giving away consoles, doesn't mean anything. . Having a company float on cloud nine compared to a company fighting every inch to beat there competitors is better for gamers.

This is why I prefer PC gaming, theres childish sales wars is laughable. Its like your acting is if Xbox has flopped lol

nyzma231262d ago

@Friotjuice hmm fanboy wake me up if third party developer start to ignore xbox one

iluvmaPS31262d ago

Azznation you haven't noticed the better playing experience on Destiny for PlayStation? The cod switch? What else are you missing

PSIN4MANT1262d ago

Um, they've already stopped "competing" their decision to not post sales numbers, is proof they are not happy with sales figures.

And now they are trying to post numbers that lump in 360 and PC platforms along with the xbox one to boast big numbers.

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Jayszen1263d ago

I hope Adam Greenberg will read this analysis and then shut up once and for all. Everyday he comes out with PR fluff for Microsoft that has no basis in reality.

tolis19811263d ago

I don't believe that XB1 will catch up Ps4 sales, but does that really matter to gamers? As long as MS or Sony provides best AAA games, I'm good. I play games and not sales :)

Ra30301262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Ohhhh my friend if the Microsoft Xbox One caught and passed the PS4 is sales you bet your life it would matter and every Xbox fanboy would be in here setting the world on fire and in every other gaming chat room posting and telling everyone about it and doing it day and night. Not only that Microsoft would lead the way with their arrogant pr fanning the flames. Let's recall last gen when the only thing that Microsoft did was get their Xb360 console to market before the PS3 and the Wii. Microsoft had a year of sales with no competition and they doubled and tripled down with the RROD and the Xbox fanboys went nuclear on the Sony PS3 crowd non stop for the entire gen. Yet the PS3 outsold the 360 from the day it released and it's now outsold the 360 globally. Yeah the Xbox fan will say it don't matter but if by some act of God things changed OMG would it matter then.

DLConspiracy1262d ago


And those idiots would be just as bad as the ones now. They probably would be doing it because it's been relentless. I own a PS4 and enjoy it but when I come to the comments it makes me not want to play it or be a part of the community. I wonder what would happen if people were nice and inviting.

BlackTar1871262d ago

@DL COnspriracy

Not play it or be apart of the community ROFLHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA
What a joke of a statement with that logic you should be playing tiger handhelds because the behavior is 100% consistent from almost every single set of fans from games to sports.

fulnattybrah1263d ago

vr will fail... unless it comes with porn...

showtimefolks1263d ago

PlayStation has been dominant since ps1 and in my opinion will always have the upper hand. Sony lost it's focus early on with ps3 but than worked that much harder to get back on track

xbox360 launched on an open market with no competition and ps3 launched a year later at $599 yet from day one still outsold the xbox360

so with ps4 we are seeing the return of the dominant gaming brand in PlayStation

people act like MS screwed up is the only reason ps4 is doing so well, when the reality is sony built a better system for gamers are a better price point out of the gate

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1262d ago

what war? oh the made up war created by fanboys and media.

When the company aren't really having a war against each other.

nyzma231262d ago

i know right like sony corp have balls to start a war with microsoft

Smitty20201262d ago

I agree with you ms screwed up from the unveiling of the console.

ChrisW1262d ago

Though I will be buying one, VR will not be a definitive thing for consoles - the niche isn't broad enough. The only thing that will keep Sony far, far ahead are the exclusives and better quality multiplats... And reliance on their name to sell things.

hades071262d ago

Agreed, no way worldwide the Xbox one can catch up. At this point the Xbox one console sales doesn't matter to me as long as there is enough sold for 3rd parties to keep making games for it I am happy. All of my friends have one so I have a great multiplayer base.

Deadpool1011262d ago

I think we'll be okay Hades.

True, the X1 is way behind PS4 but its ahead of where both the 360 and PS3 were at this point in their life cycles and no one considers either of those a flop. The system is a success regardless, and games developers will continue to make games on it because it will make them lots & lots of money, which is their overall goal afterall.

Regarding this supposed war...its pointless.
Remember last gen when there was the arguement over who won, 360 or PS3? When someone says that the Wii sold more consoles that either of them most fanboys greated that with "Wii doesnt count".

I would love the NX to be released next year and break all previous sales records just to read forums "NX doesnt count" (I can dream cant I?)

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Death1262d ago

What if VR doesn't take off? What if the price point is too high and Sony segments their market? If Sony's best experience is on their VR/PS4 platform, how does that impact gamers that can't make the leap to VR? It's a pretty big risk Sony is taking by dividing their fanbase. They will essentially have a premium platform and a lower end platform. How do you cater to both? There is a reason Sony has been quiet on the VR price point. They need to get as much holiday sales before segmenting their market. If you are excited for Sony's VR this Christmas it will be much easier to buy a PS4 without knowing how much VR will cost. If it turns out that PSVR will be $400+ that will be an $800 investment in hardware alone to get the full Playstation experience. That will be a difficult sales pitch for mass market appeal.

MannGamer1262d ago

There will be no dividing. PSVR could be $1000 I would not care. What I care about is that they keep making those JRPG and they get relocated more in the west.
Just like other people care for Uncharted, Forza, Halo, GT and will be their main reason to buy a console. So VR/PS4 platform being the best experience is only for the one willing to do it and willing to pay the price.
That is what the PS4 is giving you, the choice.
Last gen they forced a Blue Ray and a $600 console on people, what did people do: buy a Xbox 360 and Sony was force to release a $300 Slim and started his comeback.
This gen MS try to force Kinect on his previous user base, what did people do: buy a PS4, now Microsoft has unbundled kinect and working on improving Xbox One non stop.
And if VR is too expensive for the "people" then it will just flop, VR will flop not PS4.

Death1262d ago

And if Uncharted becomes a VR exclusive, how does that impact non-VR Playstation owners? If Uncharted doesn't use VR, how will VR owners feel? Sony's approach to VR is no different than Sega's approach to CD or even 32x. It will segment the user base and divide Sony's focus. Unless Sony get's a 100% saturation rate for their VR device, how will it succeed? There are a lot of factors to look at when you think about adding VR to the console. As a fan it sounds great and it's easy to assume the device will get the support it needs, but we only need to look at Vita to see what happens when sales don't meet expectations. Launching VR this late in the gen is a huge risk.

cyber_daemonx1262d ago

@Death 'Launching VR this late in the gen is a huge risk'. What? It's barely 2 years, this gen is only just getting started lol. You really seem convinced that psvr will be a huge fail, 'fracturing the fanbase' oh no. At least Sony are prepared to take the risk. If it does fail then that's down to them.

Tbh there is huge potential for vr and not just for gaming. Next year is gonna be awesome, can't wait.

Death1262d ago

Both consoles launched 2 years ago in November of 2013. This is the third holiday selling season for both consoles. PSVR doesn't have a launch date or selling price yet. This gen will not last as long as the last. Xbox One sales are well behind the PS4 which will most likely cause Microsoft to release a next generation console earlier. We will most likely see a 5 year cycle this gen. If PSVR makes a second quarter launch it will be midway through this gens life cycle. Technology is evolving very fast with neither console being cutting edge this time around. Both launched with mid-range specs. It would make sense for Microsoft to launch early next gen much like they did with the 360. Sony will want this gen to last much longer than Microsoft given their success with the PS4.

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lvl_headed_gmr1262d ago

So the gap is 7 million vs. VGchartz estimated 12 million.

VGchartz is a joke.

Jayszen1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

You would think that by now even the Xbox fans would accept reality but they continue to hang on to PR stuff like another article on this site today that claims "Microsoft top console manufacturer in terms of game sales", a misleading title as it takes games sales to include those both Xbox console and Windows and then compares them to Sony sales which are on console alone.

brianunfried1262d ago

It's not a War, it's a Massacre.

kenshiro1001262d ago

Sony just came and bodied. I don't see the XB1 catching up at all.

WDBII1262d ago

VR is not where it's at dude. Everyone will have a PS4 and be like damn... why didn't we get an xbox. PS and PSN is so pooh with the exception of a couple cool games next year.

Muzikguy1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Wait a second! I keep hearing about MS closing the gap? Have I been dreaming it all this time?? /s

Seriously, they (MS) need to just focus on what they're doing and stop lying to the people. Who cares if you can't catch up. Who cares if you're "second place". Do your thing and stop worrying about being number one. Part of that is IMO why people don't like MS in the first place. You don't NEED to be number one. Personally I'd like to know how many of these consoles are just sitting on the shelves. Why I say that is because every store I venture into is overpopulated with X1 in comparison to PS4. It's almost like they do that on purpose to make it look more popular (which I also believe is happening).

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AizenSosuke1263d ago

How much has Sony dominated this gen?

Hint: it's over_________!!!

bradfh1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

We knew it was done before it started selling.

We built a System for gamers.

Xbox One:
We built a Entertainment System also can play games too.

Errefus1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Microsoft focused to much on entertainment at the beginning now they are paying the price.

BadBoyC1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I agree. Microsoft screwed up BADLY in the beginning by focusing on that entertainment stuff at the reveal. Unlike Microsoft, Sony put games first and put tv and entertainment second.

You know what they say, first impressions are everything and Sony definitely left the best first impression. That's 1 of the reasons on top of many other reasons that Sony is winning.

rainslacker1263d ago

I think MS focus on DRM and requiring internet hurt them more than their entertainment focus. The whole entertainment thing was just a WTF moment to gamers since they were the primary viewers of the launch spectacle.

The hate for MS was pretty thick at the E3 prior to release, and it wasn't because of their entertainment options. I mean, even GS was pushing people towards the PS4, and that says a lot considering how buddy buddy they are with MS. Heck, even some ardent MS gaming sites were putting the screws to MS and not giving them an inch to breathe. I actually gained some respect for Kotaku during that time...but they lost it soon after.

MS just wasn't ready to announce the system. It's plainly obvious from not showing much in the way of games, showing games which were not ready to be shown, and not having any semblance of an actual PR campaign to sell their whole DRM/internet required policies. It was so haphazard it was pretty embarrassing in retrospect.

quenomamen1263d ago

We knew it was done before it started selling.

We built a System for gamers.

Xbox One:
We built a Entertainment System then tried to do a complete turn around and focus more on gamers, but by the time we did the damage had been done.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

So every PS4 owners is a actual gamer that cool.

Nightmar3Demom1262d ago

Why else would someone by a gaming console?

Death1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


Remind me again which system offered a TV subscription within the first year? Sony had been working on their TV subscription package well before the PS4 was announced. They said they were focused only on games while they were finishing up their TV service that uses your Playstation to replace your cable box. It's impressive that even with the gift of hindsight you still not only believe what you were told, but also have the courage to spread the misinformation. Good job.

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BlackPanther1263d ago

I wish we had actual numbers but no way MS releases those.

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