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Driveclub is all about online competition and that hasn’t changed here. Sure, there’s traditional online PvP racing, but the game is at its best when you’re challenging your friends and rival clubs to beat a time or score you’ve set. Racing against a human rival’s ghost is incredibly addictive and, if anything, the increased precision and discipline required from racing on only two wheels makes for even more incremental gains and losses. Get stuck into this competitively and you’ll be hooked for weeks.

Evolution has done a superb job of fitting bikes into the Driveclub template. This isn’t just great DLC – it’s the best bike racer in years.

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Orbilator1264d ago

Oh I'm grabing this at weekend

UltraNova1264d ago

You wont regret a single minute of it! Just got the Panigale S, man does this thing fly!