Is Halo 5 Pay-to-Win?

Halo 5: Guardians is an absolute blast to play and it’s depressing to see avenues for increased revenue seep into a pretty darn cool video game.

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FlexLuger1268d ago

This has got to be one of the more rediculous article relating to halo 5. You dont have to spend any money on anything. You play and you earn points to but the Req cards. 5 good matches will have you buying a gold pack. Maps wont cost anything amount of money is going to make you a winner on this game....Youi simply cant buy a win in halo. If your a rookie, any half descent player will DMR the shit out of you and take that power weapon you just 'bought' (you dont have to spend, but if you are going to be a fool....)

d_g1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

"Is Halo 5 Pay-to-Win?"

lol what ? yes the game have microtransactions but that doesn't mean it’s pay to win

GHOSTxx4201268d ago

Yea its not even close unless your playing warzone. For the arena modes it doesnt even matter. Im glad they added it tho but people need to realize by playing the game you get the points instead of paying with real money.

Tedakin1268d ago

NO, I don't think the MT's in this are even a thing. You can earn everything just by playing the game. They seem more useless in Halo than some other games.

Black0ut1268d ago

Lost for words...Someone looking for some clicks ay?

hello121268d ago

I don't agree with it to be honest Uncharted 4 will have same thing. You can buy before everyone else guns and upgrades. I know it can be earned in game, but you made the game unbalanced by allowing players to get a jump start. Two first party franchises like uncharted and Halo 5 should be staying away from this practice.

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