5 Reasons Why I Am Worried About the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Bit Cultures writes: So you may have heard that they’re doing a remake of Final Fantasy 7 (If you haven’t, welcome to the internet!). The announcement (and only evidence) of the game is a short trailer with no gameplay, a verbal salad of a voice over and climax just showing Cloud and Barrett’s backs. It doesn’t matter. In a console generation both bloated with remakes while sporting a number of exciting new games of it’s own this is still considered a huge deal and getting a lot of hype, and of course there is. Final Fantasy 7 is easily the most broadly beloved and known in the franchise. Bit Cultures just put out a big list of things it did really well, but those were the things Square Enix of 1997 did. The mass is getting our remake from the new Squeenix. The one that made 13.

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Nyxus2093d ago

I'm just hoping the development cycle will be a bit shorter than XV's.

Summons752093d ago

I'm still guessing it'll be out in 2017 in time for the 20th anniversary.

iliimaster2093d ago

wtf lol really? i would boot the damn game up just to run around and battle to level up m y characters and the materia ????> that was the first game i started boosting in now that i think about it ! im not expecting much because this is square enix afterall but if they scrap the battle system.... whats t h e point?

Tonykid2093d ago

ugh, people's opinions.

Number-Nine2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

this "article" was horribly written. i learned nothing.

jambola2092d ago

I don't think it was written to each you anything

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