Microsoft top platform in terms of game sales/revenue

Games market research group Newzoo just released its list of the top 25 public game companies with the highest revenue, based on the first half of 2015. Newzoo expects games to be worth $91.5 billion this year due to the growth of new consoles, online gaming, and the mobile phones.

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Foehammer1262d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Impressive, and not even considering the release of Halo 5

"Considering that Microsoft has so many exclusives lined up for the next few months, and Halo 5 hasn't been counted because it just released a few days ago, it's a great year for the company. It's the most successful console manufacturer this year and was so in 2014 too."

Just looking at next years releases I expect MS might make the top console manufacturer for the 3rd year on a row.

Congrats and well done.

Edit; for all the comments that say "this includes PC", yes and for all of 2014 Sony had SOE, a division dedicated to making...are you ready...PC games. If soon much revenue comes from PC, why ddi Sony sell SOE?

Genuine-User1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

This has more to do with Windows and Minecraft.

"While Sony’s PlayStation 4 outsells Microsoft’s Xbox One, Microsoft still earns gaming money from PC titles and Minecraft, the popular multiplatform title that it purchased last year for $2.5 billion."

"Microsoft is in second with $2.682 billion, followed by Sony with $2.433 billion."

The quote you referenced isn't in the source material - Venturebeat.

Abracadabra1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

Well, Sony doesn't launch their games on the PC because they don't want to. I'm sure they would make a lot of money if they released their games on the PC.

The PC gaming market is quite huge and ignoring it like Sony (and Nintendo) are doing, is a big mistake.

uRaDecepticon1262d ago

Lol at people criticizing the article title. There is nothing wrong with the title. Its not like it's stating a lie...

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Automatic791262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


This applies to all gaming services MS offers. As of right now MS has delivered big with investing in first party and unifying Windows 10 will bring in more revenue. To all those disagreeing with MS stating they dont make money off software. Just remember Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers don't Lie.

rainslacker1262d ago


If this includes all services, then wouldn't this mean that MS makes more off it's subs than it does off games?

I hate to nitpick, but MS hasn't really released a whole lot so far this year, and I highly doubt what they have released amounts to that much revenue since they were mostly smaller titles not even as popular as the 1st party stuff that Sony did release. Not trying to put down the games themselves, but 2.4-2.6 billion is roughly 40-50 million copies of all games sold.

Overall, in terms of the entire picture shown here, it seems the numbers are way off. 2.4-2.6 billion isn't that much in terms of revenue for a high profile publisher. Activision has COD, 400-600 million alone, not counting their WOW subs from blizzard, or sales of blizzards other software, and then of course all the other stuff they release. EA alone makes about $1 billion in revenue a year off Madden and NBA releases, and they have tons of content that comes out that appeals to a very broad range of customers on every platform down to flip phones. I don't think Minecraft played a big part in this, because that happened right before the cut off of these reports.

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dcbronco1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

@Crotaaa the disagrees might be because until earlier this year Sony had a substantial PC division. Remember they sold it and it became an independent company. Weren't Tribes and EveOnline Sony titles along with several others?

Also, even though I know it won't, this should put to rest the idea that Microsoft should sell Xbox. Xbox has made profits for years. Even Robbie Bach admits that it has made billions now that he is no longer in the company. I guess the belief among some will still be the 360 is still sold at a huge loss.

PreAtaric1262d ago

@Decepticon - "Lol at people criticizing the article title."

That title is extremely misleading.

TheHaloGuy1261d ago

People still buy Minecraft... jeezus

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lelo2play1262d ago

I guess Minecraft really makes a difference... in revenue :s

Professor_K1262d ago

Wich means ms was smart to buy it.

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Jayszen1262d ago

Yes, but much of the success is less to do with consoles and more to do with sales on PC. Sony does not release games on PC so this should be made clear and the comparision highlighted with this information. The title above is misleading.

1262d ago
PreAtaric1262d ago

@tim - That is some tortured logic. Fact. You basically confirmed what Jayszen said, by the way. Anyone would read that title and think "Oh ok, so 360 and XB1 had a higher attachment rate than PS3 and PS4 (and maybe Vita)".

2cents1261d ago

it's not misleading at all.

Sony vs. Microsoft figures. These are the numbers.

I think you would prefer a more secular comparison of the companies console gaming divisions PlayStation vs. Xbox.

That way I'm sure Sony would come out on top and then you can sleep easy again.

Visualift1261d ago

Exactly. They have games on several mediums beyond consoles. And... they bought Minecraft (something they had no hand in creating) and are now benefiting from those sales.

XanderZane1261d ago

LOL!!! What? Sony doesn't release PC games? Maybe you are forgetting one of the most popular Sony PC game ever created. A little game called EVERQUEST and EVERQUEST 2. Then there is DC Universe Online, Planetside 1 & 2. Star Wars Galaxies, Legend of Norrath, H1Z1 and the list goes on and on. So yes, DOES release games on PC. Wow.. how do gamers forget these things?

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Meninblack71262d ago

PS4 still sold more software than Xbox One.

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Visualift1261d ago

I'd like to see these numbers without the Minecraft sales factored in.

DJustinUNCHAIND1261d ago

Why? Then Sony's would be lower too.

BubbsyKong1261d ago

Because their stupid, H1Z1 is amazing!! I spent 1100$ canadian on my pc build just so I could play it and sold my consoles, in less than 6 months I have over 1000hrs played. the pc market caused me to sell my consoles and soon alot of you will to. Ms could drop the xbone and they'd still be in the lead why? kuz their more than pc's with windows on it than you could imagine.. Good job MS keep up the solid work the only think i could ask of you is to plz give me halo on my pc :p

Bebedora1261d ago

MS will be irrelevant in five years. Everything will be in the cloud.

A device linked to the cloud and the TV/Monitor, wireless keyboard, mouse and joypad. Bye bye Windows.

JackBNimble1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Why would you sell your console just because you own a pc . The smart gamer owns both. I game Ps4 & pc , but I would never get rid of my console to game exclusively on pc.

modelgod1261d ago

No halo on pc? Oh bad move MS. They should give you guys all the halos remastered for 69.99$, they owe it to you. Halo 5 is amazing! !! Destroys call of duty and killzone, why did I mention kill zone in the same breath as halo, wow!!! So Sony shooters suck, their driving games suck, sock boy needs to disappear, infamous was so so, the irder sucked, damn and they sold how many consoles? Holy crap!!!! I guess the meek shall inheret the earth!!

fr0sty1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

This is why Microsoft is moving away from Xbox as a system and turning it into a pc based gaming service. That's where the money is, while consoles have done nothing but lose them money

modelgod1261d ago

360 was very profitable, do your research.

fr0sty1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

You can't erase the losses from previous consoles to call a console division profitable. 360 never brought the Xbox division into the black. In fact, it lost a billion on RROD. Xbox One has since lost even more.

thisismyaccount1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Guess that hammer hit one of your toes, you must have ignored this :

PlayStation 4 sales double that of Xbox One in first year

PS4 Outsold Xbox By More Than Double In Sony Q1 2015, But Why?

Sony has sold more PS4s than the Xbox One and Wii U combined: Report

PlayStation Consoles Generate More Revenue Than Microsoft And Nintendo Consoles Combined, Double Since 2012

Top Digital PlayStation Games Generate Twice the Revenue of Xbox Games

PS4/3 sales generate more revenue than XB1/360/Wii & Wii U combined

What other software has microsoft on the pc to maintain spot 2? When they´re bleeding hard, as majority get the PS4 version, EA, Actv. and others make more $$$ thanks PlayStations than with any other service ... if the XB1 is being outsold every month with some exceptions, how can it the division still generate so much?

Are they including the Havok - fees? The minecraft revenue and maybe even the Android royalties? W10 was free during the first year, so they prolly didnt make much with that, im preplex what else they might ahve to generate enough to keep them on spot 2 without much effort.

Surprised not to see Ubisoft in the top 10.

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frostypants1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

This article is saying MS has higher sales than any console manufacturer...when you add in PC sales and cross platform software like Minecraft. How misleading can an article be? "Microsoft" is not a platform, and no, their console is not leading in software sales.

That would like saying Sony has higher sales than any other Android phone maker...if you count their console and TV sales.

Or Apple has higher revenue than any other desktop computer maker...if you add in iPhone and iTunes revenue.

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OpieWinston1262d ago

And people said Minecraft wouldn't return for MS.

Obviously MS made money from other games this year but Minecraft is still a big seller.

That Halo/Minecraft/Gears of War money. Doubt MS will get out of gaming anytime soon.

jb2271262d ago

Well it still hasn't technically returned for MS yet considering the 2.5 billion dollar price tag. All of their combined software sales across all mediums for the year would barely cover it. It's still a risk because the future is uncertain. There's every possibility that a Minecraft killer is lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce...we all know the nature of the software industry dictates that those runaway successes that have already reached their ceiling will one day give way to the next craze, be that sooner or later.

I don't think anyone should argue whether or not MS will get out of gaming, it's obvious they won't, but going by their acquisitions it's still a possibility that they get out of the console business. Their recent acquisitions are the rights to Gears, Mojang & the Havok engine, all software oriented acquisitions, not hardware based. There could be an argument to be made that these purchases are potential signs that MS would rather spend their money & their future in the more profitable software realm.

1262d ago
jb2271261d ago


My point still stands, I was just pointing out that MS most likely hasn't broke even on their investment & won't for a couple years at the least. Maybe they are able to start making movies & TV shows but I don't know of any MC films or shows in the works right now, so that part is still up in the air. The point also remains that the MC property could very easily crash before they can turn a big profit off it. Like THC Cell pointed out below, it wouldn't be the first time that a huge flash in the pan quickly fizzled out. Bottom line is there is no foregone conclusion for the future of a property in the software realm & beyond.

22CobraKing1262d ago

What happens when minecraft is not a thing anymore or a better clone that trumps minecraft?

THC CELL1262d ago

Can happen look at candy crush or angry birds or frozen and loombands

rainslacker1262d ago

There were people saying that?

I'm sure it will make a return...although it hasn't yet. Probably within 5 years it will make a return, but financial reports will write off the purchase for this fiscal year, so following years will be looked at as pure profit. Big business can obfuscate numbers through accrual.

Killzoner991262d ago

Yeah but it's pretty sad when most of your revenue comes from one IP. Playstation offers much more diversity.

1262d ago
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AizenSosuke1262d ago

Ok for Windows,and other application and games yes, but hardware a whole lot of hell no's.

Sureshot1262d ago

Theres in software so...

AizenSosuke1262d ago

That I what said software yes, but hardware no!

slate911262d ago

Sureshot, dont try and ruin his moment to downplay anything positive relating to microsoft :p

AizenSosuke1262d ago


I sorry I was pointing out the spinning in this article and It's success now based on the software not the hardware sales, so now your trying to attack and downplay me for my realistic comment.

dcbronco1262d ago

Actually your comment was completely wrong. Explain how Microsoft is losing money on hardware in gaming. I suppose you believe the Xbox 360 is still sold at a loss. And Xbox One is even though it started at a profit at launch. Please explain how they lose money on hardware. The Elite controller sold out. Controllers are always sold at a profit. The main part of the consoles are combined into one unit cutting costs in half. Xbox One is most likely using a 20nm chip now, so even at $350 that and normal contract renegotiations and maturity in making chips cut cost drastically. Plus there's an additional shrink in 2016 and other reductions.

Even Xbox consoles make a profit for Microsoft and Live subscriptions don't bring in as much as dlc and other Live transactions according to Microsoft annual reports. But that's software so again, explain to me how Microsoft is losing money on hardware.

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Dabigkahuna761262d ago

Do you figure that because the PlayStation sells more Microsoft doesn't make any money off hardware sales

NotAFanboyyy1262d ago

Yeah...this study is about software, not hardware, so of course.

343_Guilty_Spark1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

You're still too focused on a plastic box. Software is king, and has always been so.

Xbox is more than a console.

It's the XONE, X360, Windows 10 PC, and mobile.

Automatic791262d ago


No point schooling folks they believe that Xbox One will stay at 15 million forever. They will always argue even when MS reaches 20 million. Heck they dont think MS is generating sales now with big blockbusters like Gears, Halo, Forza. Lol

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Lenrulesdaworld1262d ago

bro there is no money in consoles, all the money is in software. xbox & ps4 make like $17 for every console sold and that's just an estimate.

MatrixxGT1261d ago

$17 times 25 million consoles...$425 million. Just a estimate. I wouldn't say there is "no money in consoles".

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-Foxtrot1262d ago

Funny how close Sony and EA are while both being totally different from one another

See EA, if you act nice and keep gamers interest in hearts it dosen't mean you are going to bleed money like you think is going to happen. Everything you've touched, which has turned to shit never had to happen.

WeAreLegion1262d ago

So...they're counting console and PC here?

MasterCornholio1262d ago

Well it doesn't say Xbox specifically so I'm assuming PC and Mobile is included as well.

Aenea1262d ago

Original article mentioned they counted PC, console and Minecraft, yes. So it's not exactly a fair comparison if you want to compare MS and Sony consoles. This is a chart about game revenues so the distinction isn't made. I find it good to see though that revenues went up for all involved!

MasterCornholio1262d ago


Thanks for explaining that. Have a bubble for helpful.

NeoGamer2321262d ago

They are counting all platforms.

This is because gaming is far more than PS4 vs X1... It is about gaming on every device. PS4 vs X1 is an old school thought process. What really counts to gamers is being able to play games on all their devices. Phones, tablets, PCs, consoles, etc.

WeAreLegion1262d ago

That's not the point I was trying to make.

This title is flat-out WRONG.

"Microsoft top console manufacturer in terms of game sales"

Not true. Top manufacturer in terms of game sales, sure. Top console manufacturer in terms of game sales is not true.

That, my friend, is clickbait.

Killzoner991262d ago

Yep. Don't think for a second the Xbone could generate those numbers.

1262d ago