Edge Preview: Too Human

Having overseen the game's epic ten-year development, reaffirming expectations for Too Human is really Denis Dyack's prerogative as Silicon Knights' president. But even ignoring the rash challenges to anonymous detractors on internet forums, claims have been made for the game and its development process that you suspect are setting it up for a fall.

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Montrealien3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Good read, fair.

I can`t wait for this game.

Note: I also can`t wait for gears of War 2, Resistance 2, LBP, Fable 2 and so many more. The idea is not to Hype a game, but to play a game you want to play. I want to play this game, the demo got me really excited to play it more and I know a few people that will be buying it. That works for any game, even Lair, I game I really enjoy.

If you don`t like this game, I respect that, just don`t try to convince me, or others that may have not played the demo that it is garbage or what not, it is all subjective and personnal opinion.

Remember, you can decide for your self, the demo is out there try it and make you own decission. I will never tell you the game is good and you are an id**t of not seing it`s greatness because that is my opinion, don`t do the same if you think it is crap.

SuKiT3723d ago

I have not played the demo yet but it does look very intereting. Need to do that soon. I too am looking forward to Gears2, Fable2 even Fallout3, Far Cry2 and Last Remnant look very good. I will not bash LBP as I do not have a PS3 yet, but I just don't get the hype for that one. I have played a friends MGS4 though and that is a gem.