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PC Invasion's Tim McDonald has been waiting Arkham Days and Arkham Knights for this PC re-release. Was it worth the wait, or is the franchise starting to Wayne?

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syrinx1265d ago

Seems like a fair score all things considered.

ZombieKiller1265d ago

This is why I game on PS4. I like PC and all, but the love doesn't seem to be there like it is on console. Business follows the money. 25 million units speaks miles.

gangsta_red1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Shame too because this was a great game.

ZombieKiller1265d ago

Honestly, I didn't like the story too much. Called out who the Arkham Knight was minutes after I saw the guy. He even LOOKS like the character it was based off of.

As for everything else, I always enjoy a good Batman game. The momentum you build while gliding is awesome. I wish they had more dynamic robberies and events in free roam after the story though besides cars and thugs. I'd like to see some alley muggings, more bank robberies, citizens that need help (police, medics, etc.)

gangsta_red1265d ago

Yea, it was painfully obvious who the Knight was. Anyone with a bit of comic knowledge would have guessed right also.

I agree with your points also. I think another complaint I had was the lack of villains. I cleared all the villain side missions really quickly and I would have loved to have fought more like Bane, Croc, etc, etc.

But the gliding, weapons and taking out the different Arkham Knight enemies was very good and it was a great conclusion to a great series.

ZombieKiller1264d ago

Yeah I think the lack of villains is honestly WB instead. The idea that the Season of Infamy will have 4 more villains and their own story arcs makes me think they held back at release.

Did you see the recent PC build of the game too?! IT'S ATROCIOUS! The opening scene is barely watchable! I hope they fix that for the PC guys. Im on PS4 (actually this is one of many reasons I choose PS4 over PC right now)

It was an excellent game though. I've always obsessed over the Arkham Series since the first one. The updates they made to the gameplay is completely welcome in every way. I also notice as I keep playing, they keep updating minor things and the game seems overall better than launch (no issues at launch, just feels like they keep adding things like animations and effects).

Truthfully I think Origins did Boss fights really well. They were fairly simple but they were fun as hell. ESPECIALLY Bane! He was awesome in Origins. Hopefully WB Montreal will make another one without the game breaking glitches.

I completely agree with you on the villains too. Some of them got a big WTF from me. Like why the hell did two-face decide to rob banks in Gotham when the rest of the city was doing more important things? Lol really Harv? BANKS?! Typical I guess.

Still regardless, based on story, gameplay and presentation, I'd give this game a healthy 9/10 (ignoring the PC version and all those issues)

BLAKHOODe1265d ago

I know I'm going to get a lot of disagrees for this, but after years of PC gamers putting over how much better PC gaming is compared to console gaming - HAHA!

No, really, it sucks for you guys, but you have another option to play it. Just sayin'.

Gwiz1265d ago

You could use the " you have another option to play it " applied to other PC versions of games as well.It's not about having another option to play it elsewhere,the option people have chosen was not a great choice provided by the developer.Therefore mocking the users is pretty dense,people could do it the other around way as well when games have better PC versions.

Allsystemgamer1265d ago

So PC was a bad choice because the developers made a crappy port? If the console version was the crappy one your mouth wouldn't be flapping.

Gwiz1265d ago

In general console versions of games have lower FPS and resolution,i have played many console versions that were less enjoyable to play than their PC counterparts.
I still played them though,i don't know where you pulled that first sentence from lol but that's not what i said.

Clonetrooper11391265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

Double edged sword, when you figure there are many titles that look and perform superior on the PC.

Witcher 3

Just some examples. The PC is the superior platform overall in terms of quality, and library of games. Period. Unfortunately, you have developers who do not take advantage of the platform's strengths. In this case, Batman AK suffered due to a combination of laziness, and poor judgement on the part of the developer. That does not detract from the PCs status as a gaming platform, in the least. Just FYI.

MasterD9191265d ago

It seems more like a console game anyways...even with a controller on PC.

BLAKHOODe1265d ago

I recognize the PC as the superior platform for gaming (in most cases), which is why I'm messing with you PC gamers. It's not very often us console gamers get the WIN over you guys in this department. So, just taking advantage of this rare opportunity to do so. (In the meantime, maybe you should consider how it felt being one upped for a change?)

Chill out. At the end of the day, it's just one game and we're all gamers, regardless of what preference we're gaming on.