Not Letting Big Business Get In The Way Of Good Games

Thomcult: EA's brand perception has suffered in recent months and years due to a miscommunication of its intentions in the industry. Not least because it has garnered a reputation for producing sub-par games with no other selling point beyond the fact that they're attached to a larger, more successful IP. The reputation EA has subsequently developed as a big corporate machine churning out low quality games, making a mockery of the medium, was further muddied by its seemingly bullish attempts to acquire Take-Two (and the whole ordeal that followed).

Of course, we're dealing with perception and image here. Like all big publishers, EA has a very wide and varied portfolio full of many original and licensed IPs. Invariably, some are better than others and some do unashamedly sell based on their association with a movie, sport or whatever. That is no reason, however, to brand EA as a bunch of would-be media hacks sacrificing integrity and creativity for the sake of the bottom line.

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Bangladesh4358d ago

Not letting big business get in the way of thoroughly testing a game, for a change.

Product4358d ago

You notice how EA as of late has been getting alot of articles posted?and i ask,why?

DA_SHREDDER4358d ago

I think EA needs to shut up and just make good games.

Masko4358d ago

well written article. IMO. EA will always be the same as long as people are still buying the unfinished garbage that they release. im not saying everything from EA is garbage, but most of their games needed some more time in testing and quality control

Enigma_20994358d ago

Well, I thought that in order to be considered a gaming company about integrity and creativity, they'd have to... you know... produce their own games that showcased their ... you know... integrity and creativity... not BUY UP OTHER GAMING COMPANIES THAT ACTUALLY DO FEATURE INTEGRITY AND CREATIVITY, AND SLAP THEIR LOGO ON THE BOX!!!!

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