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Chris White: "Pathologic Classic HD is a fantastic game developed by a small indie team with a genuine and obvious love of smart, psychological horror. The game is challenging and you will feel alone without anyone to hold your hand and this is the best thing about it; you will be psychologically and emotionally tested like you never have before. There are framerate issues and the general look is poor in comparison to a lot of open-word games already out there, but if you are willing to give Pathologic a chance, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed."

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Takwin1264d ago

I backed the new one on Kickstarter and am glad they redid the old one too!

scark921264d ago

Oh I was thinking this was the one that was kickstarted, that is real cool.

fsdgf1264d ago

The original release was easily one of my favourite games ever made, even with the bugs, cut content and incomprehensible translation, and this rerelease has only improved on it.
There's a lot of games that try to be poignant or deep, but I feel like Pathologic and Ice-Pick Lodge's games are the only ones to succeed in that regard.