8 Reasons PS4 Owners Are Jealous Of The Xbox One

The ‘console wars’ of 2015 are a wonderfully fun load of toss. Such n’ such runs better on PS4 or this n’ that runs better on Xbox One – the end result always coming down to everyone busting out their collective magnifying glasses for the sake of splitting hairs and categorising the tiniest of details to gain the upper hand.

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itsjustexuma1266d ago

"They Actually Have A System-Selling Game."

Foehammer1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

That's a good one. I would say more than one as Flex points out below:

Forza 6
TombRaider (timed)
Rare Reply
Gears Remake
and you still get all the 3rd party games; Star wars, Fallout

I also like the FREE backward Compatibility

And that Elite controller is so sweet

Proof of this is in looking at any positive X1 article, ppl claiming to have no interest in X1 pour in to try and downplay all the great games and features; that is quintessential jealous behaviour.

So yes, I have to agree with the premise of this article

emad-E-three1266d ago

Pretty sure he was being sarcastic

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1266d ago

The article is nothing more than ridiculous clickbait. Those who enjoy Halo, Forza, Fable will buy Xbox and those who enjoy Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Bloodborne will buy Playstation. There's absolutely nothing to be jealous of. Enjoy what you enjoy and stop being so petty.

seanpitt231266d ago

So all these reasons and everybody is still buying the ps4. Why? Iam just about to buy my second ps4 for downstairs and Why would I rather do that then and not just get a xbox1?

I think it comes down to Microsoft could of competed this gen but they got to greedy and put half ass specs in a ugly box and then charged $500 for it and now they are trying to make up for all the wrongs they did but it's to little to late and the sales figures show this. Now if the Xbox came across to me as a quality machine I would buy it straightaway without hesitation iam not a fanboy who prefers a machine based on who has made it I go on quality and a comapany that believes customers should come first. Let's hope Microsoft have learnt from their mistakes and do a better job next generation like Sony did this generation.

Automatic791266d ago


I have two Xbox One's and 1 PS4, what's your point its all about taste. MS made a fantastic system that not only plays great games but also cohesively is integrated with my home entertainment experience. Lol. You have no clue how great it is too play games and watch sports at the same time.

dlocsta1266d ago

@seanpitt So you are saying that you should be pissed at Sony for lying and saying every game on the PS4 will be 1080P and 60FPS? That means you should sell your PS4 and never buy one again. Every company is going to test your loyalty. Hell, the paywall for PS+ was supposed to go towards improvements, have you seen any?

Highlife1265d ago

I do have a hd projector that does two images side by side. My screen is over 120 inches ps4 one side football on the other. But only xbox people know that :/

-Foxtrot1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Well I'm going to go to my jelly bed, in my jelly room, in my jelly castle and cry buckets full of jelly cubes until I can make my jelly sun room expansion.

Got no jelly on me

Aubrey19901262d ago

Honestly if this article writer had any sense they would have left that line out because "A System Selling Game." Is not good because they are basically saying that with out the halo series Microsoft would basically be making no money off of any of the xbox consoles because nobody would buy it

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FlexLuger1266d ago

Dat 2016 line up. the 2015 exclusives. That elite controller. I couldnt be happier with the console. Could you imagine if it had the more powerful GPU, and all these features?

MS may be losing in sales, but speaking purely as a customer who makes no money from consoles sold (nor can I play a game called 'sales' dont exist on either platform, last time I checked)But damn...this is the best console in my house by a long margin, right now..And I have other gaming devices in my house, including a DC, two sega saturns, A 3DS, two powerful PCs (They are really for music day job..but they run games better than either console) a PS4 and of course... 'the one'.

I fire up my xbox and it sometimes ytakes me upto 5 mins to decide what to I wanna play halo..forza..mabe some neverwinter..maybe some gigantic or fable closed BETAs..ori..SSOD( Bought it in may..still aint had the time to play it). I could go on.So much to enjoy about the XB1. And I have not even talked console features yet.

Fro_xoxo1266d ago


how are you able to enjoy your preferred console knowing it isn't the best selling? I'm baffled.

btw Sunset is awesome.. get on that asap.

MeliMel1266d ago

Laudamercy! Its my favorite console so far.

FlexLuger1265d ago

yu dun know, fellas! lets addy up and kill some shit on halo! All this xbox talk just makes me wanna play and im back home now!

hello121266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

They seem to be because everything about xbox on this site they appear. I only post on their side when its something interesting. They pretend we are insecure, but its actually them. It could a mental inbalance some PS4 fanboys suffer? They have this need to keep Sony ahead of MS. Its only a gaming console, but they seem to fear MS been in control, its weird.

[email protected] Don't you think it could be just gamers are ignorant in general? People are still coming into gamestop's two year later, and still asking if the xbox one can play used games

Sony momentum continues still to be based off that reveal in 2013. MS can't do anything to change that momentum the tide is with PS4 and its over. Lot of gamers follow the leader and don't really look if this console is better or will suit me more.

Xbox one has delivered more than the PS4 in so many ways,yet unfortunately lot of gamers will miss out because they follow the herd.

1266d ago
Flash811266d ago

LMAO I'm really Jealous. I own an Xbox and I still prefer the PS4. Guess it's a matter of preference and opinion.

pringlec1266d ago

I own a ps4 and am not jealous at all LMAO, I'm just trying to get the 3 articles approved I need to unlock my account

DashArrivals1266d ago

You are what's wrong with gaming journalism. I hope you never get approved. Your comment here alone tells us that you are a fake journo that will go to any lengths, including lying, to get heard. You are a cancer.

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