The Future Of Video Game Graphics?

Wired - Ray-tracing, a method of rendering CG scenes by modeling rays of light as they are cast into and reflected around a 3D scene, has become a kind of holy grail for some gamers. The realism it offers is astonishing, so it's easy to see why.

The processor-intensive nature of such comprehensive natural modeling has obvious drawbacks, however, making it the province of movie post-production and other pre-rendered material. Thanks to modern, multi-threaded CPUs, however, one programmer has already produced a starting proof of concept that clearly displays the ray-tracing hallmarks of full-scene reflections and crisp, realistic shadows--in real time, in a real game...

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THWIP5251d ago

...but I'm not impressed AT ALL by that sample pic. That looks like something from late-XBOX, rather than next-gen. :|

Rooted_Dust5251d ago

This screen is from Quake4, a year old game. All they are trying to upgrade is shadows and reflection, which are all extras in my opinion. Nothing that will affect games overall.

DJ5251d ago

because what videogames utilize are preset photos that reflective surfaces can render off of.

In contrast, real surfaces reflect off of the actual environment and constantly change as that object moves around. Raytracing reflective surfaces takes a hell of a lot of computational power. But the tricks that CG artists use these days to simulate reflective surfaces look very, very close to the computationally intensive ways. I'd explain them, but you get the gist of it.

The actual breaking point for games would be realtime global illumination (radiosity).

Gears5251d ago (Edited 5251d ago )

Like Halo 3 or Splinter Cell Double Agent? Global Illumination has been done and will be done with halo 3. It is nothing special it doesn't add to gameplay just the visuals.

dantesparda5250d ago

The point is that ray-tracing is computational very taxing. And whether or not the Q4 images impress you or not is besides the point, the point is that they are getting ever closer to reproducing or more closely simulating ray-tracing. And feature thats been around for well over a decade now, but not really doable on games because of how taxing it is. This is great news, advancements are advancements. Now its just up to companies to start using it and making it look impressive

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5251d ago

using that extra CPU/GPU horsepower to make sure the game is glitch free or as glitch free as possible.