Bethesda’s Pete Hines "Upset" With Fallout 4 Leaks; Says You Better Experience It Yourself

Bethesda's vice president Pete Hines expresses to be "upset" with the massive Fallout 4 leaks. Players better experience the game themselves. When asked about it, Hines added that it's like watching someone else opening your Christmas presents in November.

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VER1ON3151d ago

At least he's responding. Can't be said from all devs.

SolidStoner3151d ago Show
Doodleburger3151d ago

Someone tell solidstoner that all the leaks we have right now are from the PS4 version. What a tard.

dirkdady3151d ago

It's all retail leaks selling early or employees at stores. There is no way around it, Bethesda has to ship the games this week so they can sell next week.

Grap3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Someone tell that turd the leaks are from ps4 version.

nveenio3151d ago

@Doodleburger Some of the most recent leaks or video gameplay are Xbox One.

UnHoly_One3151d ago

There is one way to avoid it, dirkdady, but a bunch of people would throw a fit if they ever actually did it.

Make the game digital only, at least at launch, then ship to stores later.

SolidStoner3151d ago

I agree, I went over the top! :D

but still, my point was not only video gameplay leaks, you all know what Im talking about, that "torrent" word, and other share thingy's and easy file copy on PC, easy modding and easy access! and all that is a good thing! I would go nuts if I ever hear theres no PC version, but it sure helps alot for early leaks, all kind of, and also other inside information hidden inside files! I just want it to hold back a bit, get more fixes and it would be less spoilers at least..

Mega243151d ago


Um... are you actually slow in the head? All leaks are coming from Playstation Users. Why do you even have to bring PC into this mess, done by console users.

thereapersson3151d ago


The recent 20 minute gameplay leak was from the Xbox One version.

Mega243151d ago


Still, it has been a console issue, and he brought PC into it... and making wild accusations.

ravinash3150d ago

It's sad when people spend years working on something to make as rich experience as possible and time everything to get the right amount of excitement running.
and then someone has to ruin it all by trying to be the clever jerk by leaking everything.

There are just people out there who want to take the limelight by being the first to broadcast this stuff.

personally I'm aiming to enjoy it the way it was intended, so I'm not looking at any more spoilers.

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Bigpappy3151d ago

He is right. I haven't seen any gameplay because I don't care to. It spoils newness of the game

Kidmyst3151d ago

Like most games, I look at enought during development to decide if I am interested in the game and then ignore everything after that, the hype, gameplay footage, maybe I'll look at a few screens but for the most part I want to wow factor going into the game. not the "Oh, this part, yeah I remember seeing this part."

Perjoss3151d ago

I love me some newness.

Kombatologist3151d ago

Back in my day, we didn't have these fancy gameplay videos to gawk at -- we had magazines with low quality screenshots of games that usually weren't complete.

I also walked 5 miles to school in the snow.

3151d ago
DMgHalt3151d ago

Anyone who believes that these leaks are unintentional is an idiot. They do this for business marketing purposes to generate hype for their product.

ravinash3150d ago

Who's marketing?
The people selling the game, or the people leeching off the release to promote their own websites?

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TekFan3151d ago

It's easy for him to say, he's probably been playing it for ages. People have been waiting for too long, they're just excited.

VER1ON3151d ago

He is, a few weeks back he already said he was playing the game on PS4
for a while.

dirkdady3151d ago

Why is he advertising that he is playing on the ps4. Not complaining but doesn't microsoft have a marketing deal where they have to only mention Xbox one? Actually has microsoft published a commercial for this game? I've seen their tomb raider ad which incidentally releases on the same day as fallout.

_-EDMIX-_3151d ago

@dirk- MS has a deal with marketing with them...I don't think that has anything to do with the version he is personally playing.

I don't even get what that has to do with this.

fattyuk3151d ago

No we havent been waiting too long - thats the thing!

its only been 5 months!!

i cant and wont ruin it for myself

_-EDMIX-_3151d ago

Agreed. I can't take this complaints. If 5 months is "too long", they can't take any damn release window. I mean someone seriosuly has something wrong with them if they think its "too long" to wait 5 months, we wait YEARS for games many, many times.

Yet we live...

ravinash3150d ago

A few weeks ago people were complaining that the period between the announcement and the release date was too short.

You just can't win.

MasterCornholio3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

"Experience it for yourself"


"Give me your money!!!!!!"

I'm sure it will be a very good game. However there's so many games that I haven't played that I don't know if I'll have time for FallOut 4. If the reviews are ludicrously good I'll buy the game.