Driveclub New Update Introducing Private Lobbies Is Coming November 17

GS:" Driveclub, the racing game developed by Evolution Studios now available in all regions on PlayStation 4, has been released around one year ago in North America and Europe but was met with a mixed reception due to the online issues and missing features. Since release, however, the team has released plenty of updates and DLC packs which addressed the issues and improved the experience considerably. Another Driveclub update introducing a feature missing from the game is now available for download."

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The93Sting1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

holy molly of sweet macaroni!

the game just keeps getting better and better!

Septic1266d ago

"the game just keeps getting better and better!"

Well it shouldn't be getting worse!

madmonkey011267d ago

finally, also the brake assist feature is done pretty well too, it makes driving easier for beginers but does not challenge the fastest lap times

Silly Mammo1267d ago

I wonder if the same people who say this game still sucks because of the disasterous launch, are the same people that love MS for "turning X1 around" after the disasterous unveiling.

reallyNow1267d ago

I wish the xb1 never got "turned around" and i wish they put out more kinect games. :-(

GearSkiN1267d ago

No everybody who reviewed this game didn't turn out well and now I'm glad it's improving... I bet you only have a playstation to play on...

captainexplosion1266d ago

What the hell are you talking about and why are you bringing it up?

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