Halo 5 Angry Joe Review

Can 343 please MasterJoe in upcoming Halo 5 ? Let's find out.

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G20WLY1784d ago

There are definitely some people that are left unimpressed by this game. Maybe they had high expectations and needed to see a greater change in the first iteration of this generation to avoid that 'more of the same' feeling.

The rest have taken the game at face value. There's still fun to be found, just tailor your expectations and enjoy it for what it is. On the whole, the fans aren't complaining, so they did a great job!

DarkOcelet1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I did not like the ending and i didn't like how small Chiefs role was in the game.

The problem with the game is that 343I seems to have concentrated more on the MP than on the SP. And the removal of Splitscreen Co-op was not a good thing.

G20WLY1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I agree, the lack of splitscreen was a huge misstep. I know they had their reasons, but it hurt Halo 5 and they know it.

The lack of Chief was just bizarre and Locke has not generally been well received.

It's possibly true that most fans are more concerned about the MP mode, but it's not fair on those that prefer SP to scrimp on the SP campaign.

Other than the aiming issues (which some claim is not in fact an issue) the MP is pretty much on point though - and that's where the fun can be found in this game.

For those that aren't solely about the MP, though, that's when you get these scores, which are equally justifiable opinions.

BiggerBoss1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

If it wasnt for the marketing campaign, I probably wouldn't have been so disappointed in the campaign. Its just that I was expecting SO much more from the story, and it didnt even try to deliver. If anybody read the IGN article about the Halo 5 ads lying, it echoes my thoughts perfectly. How can someone NOT be disappointed with the story after the compelling Mc vs Locke commercials??

-Foxtrot1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I think it's more because they tried to make the single player their own like how they made the Halo 4 multiplayer their own

Halo 4s multiplayer failed because they tried to do their own thing

Halo 5s multiplayer succeed because they went back and just improved on what Bungie spent years laying out

Halo 4s single player was alright because it was just what we had seen in the past games

Halo 5s single player failed because they tried to do their own thing and turned it into a dramatic, serious squad base shooter which focused on co-op despite not having spilt screen. Why removing Halos main character for like 80% of the game while forcing in one THEY made

343 are trying far too hard to make Halo their thing and are desperately trying to erase Bungies legacy from it so in the future Halo is known as a 343 game.

However it's not possible, it will always be Bungies child and nothing can replace that so they should accept it and continue on the path Bungie spent 3 main games and 2 spin offs laying out

UncleJerry1784d ago

I always thought the 60fps was a high point and I still think the game looks great, but after some extended time I think:

1) make campaign 30fps and make it look better than most of the games out there while allowing for split-screen (I really don't care about split screen, but many, many Halo fans do).

2) make campaign a little more sandbox-like

3) let the player go through similar areas but from the 2 diff perspectives of each team, eventually coming to a head in a final fight, whether that be together or against each other. and give chief 50% of the time.

These are just a few of my thoughts on how 343i could have better pleased the core Halo fans and avoided some of the negative feedback in the first place.

I do like this game a lot tho, even the campaign, and I would leave MP as is, loving it.

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nix1784d ago

As i keep seeing this argument, which by now i thought should have been over, it takes me back to The Order days. There was so much hype about the game. I don't know what other ppl n journalists heard but i did repeatedly hear that it was more of a cinematic gameplay. And i was not at all disappointed. I knew what the game was and i bought it and i loved it.

Here i feel sad for Halo fans because the prologue of the commercial was just so misleading.. About the fight between the Locke n MC. I would be pissed too if i was promised epic fight but got to play 3 chapters as MC and a fist fight cinematics.

I think we need to be more careful about everytime a game is announced.

joaovictorop1784d ago

The biggest problem for me is the Warzone come with just 3 maps!#&* And this is the major multiplayer mode of Halo 5. It is like Battlefield 4 comes with just 3 maps and a lot of small maps. Like Battlefield games, I want to play in this Halo 5 in a lot of huge Warzone maps. But just 3 maps and now I am already tired of then...
I know that they will release more maps in the future by DLC, but it should had come with at least 10 Big Warzone maps.

badz1491784d ago

those commercials with versions of Chief and Locke feels really deceptive now that the whole story has been unraveled. hunt the truth my ass!

I love how many just skip the facts that are the average graphic, mediocre story and short campaign of Halo 5 and not to forget the monumental splitscreen removal yet still give it 9s and 10s because the MP is somewhat decent...NOT!

other games would be crucified for this but hey, this is Halo, it can't do no wrong! wow I remember how many are so salty about CoD's and BF's short campaigns even among reviewers, but there is hardly any mention about the short campaign of Halo 5! hypocrisy at its best!

Erik73571784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

It's a shame that single player is bad because there is some really good level design and a lot of verticality to the levels and the 4 player Co-open could of been really fun. But the ai gets on your my nerves so bad and I heard the plot is bad ...

tuglu_pati1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

This review is just a whole package of spoilers. Other than that he makes some good point and some ridiculous ones. At least he always make his reviews fun to watch even if you not in agreement of all he's saying.

phantomxll1784d ago

Lol im still enjoying every minute of it. The majority of people do. It's the most played game on Xbox one right now

PiperMCFierceson1784d ago

Do you feel the removal of co-op was due to the hardware?

xxjabberxx1784d ago

After seeing the graphics and visual effects in this game I believe the reason they didn't add split screen is because the Xbox one could handle it. When I can walk up to a frame and it disappears as I get closer or textures being different as I get closer tells me the Xbox one couldn't handle split screen with the short cuts 343 took to make this game.

Lou-Cipher1784d ago

I bought the game for Single-Player only, and it was just OK. Not a big fan of Multiplayer.

I have a Gamestop 3 DLC bonus pack (Online United States Code) Whoever wants the code, send me a message. (first person in US gets it)

Ezz20131783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Maybe 343i should focus on SP more next time.

tuglu_pati1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )


Agree, the game is doing a lot once with really big open spaces, add to that locked 60FPS. I dont think split-screen was possible, the hardware can't handle it.

BTW the SP is great, on of the best Halo SP gameplay wise in a long time, where the game lacks is in the its story.

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DarkOcelet1784d ago

I guess i am one of the few then.

I like the SP in Halo more than the MP. The same goes for Gears Of War since it seems in Gears 3 and Judgement, it was clear that their main concentration was the MP.

I do not like that they don't give the same attention to SP like they do to MP. Both Gears and Halo to me were mostly Single Player campaign and mostly with couch Co-OP.

conanlifts1784d ago

I agree with you on this. For me this was one of my favourite halo campaigns. Sure there are things they should have done, but overall it was a great campaign.

boodi1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

we are not the few don't be worry there's a whole lot who's liking the game AND THE CAMPAIGN very much .. as well as a whole lot of not-angry joe reviews scoring 8 9 10

AngelicIceDiamond1784d ago

"On the whole, the fans aren't complaining, so they did a great job!"

I've notice fans haven't complained about the game myself. The fans seem to like it just fine so far. At the end thats what really matters.

But in the back in my head, 343 needs to come allot stronger next time around with Halo 6 and pull out everything they've got, to truly revolutionize Halo.

Gazondaily1784d ago

What I like is the mostly mature response fans regarding some low reviews. Not people shouting en masse about global conspiracies etc. Mostly people agreeing or disagreeing about the game's shortfalls and acknowledging the game's strengths and weaknesses.

Nice one.

BiggerBoss1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I would think fans would be the MOST disappointed, especially after being invested in the whole Hunt the Truth thing... I cant fully express my opinion without Spoilers, but the direction the game went was so disappointing to me, and im not even a huge Halo fan

@angels reply

Thats my point, im not even as invested into the characters as you guys are, and yet the story was an utter disappointment for me. I cant imagine how someone who liked Halo 4s ending would NOT be disappointed with 5. Its pretty much like 4 didnt happen at all.

ninsigma1784d ago

I was of the opinion that this halo was the one they needed to come out strong on after a weak halo 4. I haven't played 5 yet so I won't take any opinions (good or bad) at face value just yet but even some of the good reviews said the story wasn't on par with previous titles. Can't wait to try war zone for myself though. I got really excited when they showed that off it sounds like it hasn't disappointed either :D

AngelicIceDiamond1784d ago

@Boss "and im not even a huge Halo fan" Well that's why you're disappointed.

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Thatguy-3101784d ago

6/10 is too low IMO. That's close to an unplayable score. 7-8 is more understandable seeing how the game plays good.

Mikeyy1784d ago

If 6 is unplayable then what on earth is 1-5?

AngelicIceDiamond1784d ago

Halo 5 is fully functional. 6's are different for Joe than other outlets.

Malphite1784d ago

Maybe on your scale 6/10 is close to unplayable. On his it's slightly above average. And he says it will be a 7/10 once they've ironed out some of the issues.

BiggerBoss1784d ago

6 is above average for Angry Joe. The fact that major outlets only give out 7-9's is part of the problem

WellyUK1784d ago

No because the average score now a days is wrong a 7-8 indicates an average score when really a 5 should be average. And he says it is above average and well 6 is slightly above average, it's how reviews SHOULD be done.

OC_MurphysLaw1784d ago

the problem with review scores is that we have over the years seen most decent to great games all fall in the 8-10 scale. 1-7 is reserved for pretty much Average to un-playable. Ultimately this becomes and interpretation of anything 7 or under is bad. Now reviewers are going back and starting to review using a more true scale but most are so trained by years past that the score a game is given has more impact than the actual review regardless of what is said.

IMO a true scale would be: 1-2 broken/unplayable, 3-4 really poor 5-6 average and playable but could have been much better with some tweaks 7-8 is above avg/good scale. 9 great and 10 Excellent.

garrettbobbyferguson1784d ago

If 6 is close to unplayable, what is 1-5 to you? Non existent? A game that murders you after you complete it?

Aura75411784d ago


I also think it's because people have the school grading system mentality (e.g. 10 is an A+, 8.5 is a B, etc.). That's why when a game scores below an 8, people interpret that as bad because to them, scoring below an 8 is failing to get at least a B-.

However, the 10 point scale does not function that way. My interpretation is this:

1 = Game is broken and unplayable. Has no redeeming qualities
2-4 = Below average/bad. The bad outweighs the good
5 = Average. Neither the good nor bad outweighs the other
6 = Above average/fair. The good begins to outweigh the bad
7 = Good. There are a bunch of good qualities though there are some notable flaws that may hinder the experience
8 = Very good. Same as 7, but flaws do not hinder the experience that much
9 = Excellent. Very little flaws
10 = Masterpiece. No or almost zero flaws. If they exist, they are negligible

Wellsy4871783d ago

6/10 is unplayable. That is a slightly above average game. He isn't saying its a terrible game. A terrible game is a 1-3.

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tinynuggins1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Double post

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MoveTheGlow1784d ago

The Joe review has a heavy focus on the microtransaction aspect of the game, and the more I saw of it, the more I couldn't stand the requisition system. Games used to encourage you to keep playing and play well, with attainable cosmetic unlocks that were included in the base game. Unlocks were great!

These "unlocks, but not really because it's ridiculous, so buy our packs" systems are killing the single-player reasons to play other modes like multiplayer - something big multiplayer fans don't need, sure, but something I sure need in order to get involved.

Say what you will about Destiny, but the microtransactions they've got are extra non-game-affecting Halloween masks and some dances. You can't even buy Strange Coins, which you would think would be a thing considering how rare they are - they just make exotics that much cooler to get.

Erik73571784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Honestly, it's not hard to get req points and I never see myself needing to buy it to get more's not a problem for me.

Plus we are getting all the dlc maps for free which makes me happy. Makes it way less of a rip off than games like battlefront with only 12 maps and just mp

MoveTheGlow1784d ago

It is really cool that they'll release those maps for free. I wish they had those ready in the first place, but deadlines are deadlines.

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AizenSosuke1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Angry Joe has some good points and this game is fun but not the best in the series.

-Foxtrot1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Angry Joe hits the nail on the head with this one.

Even talks about the silly AI and the fact it does make it easier which is why they shouldn't have added squads if you want to play by yourself.

As for what he says about MT, it's true about any big franchise. You try and talk about it, people will see you as attacking the ENTIRE game and you will be played down

I can already see it coming for Uncharted 4

Vegamyster1784d ago

He played it on normal, on heroic/legendary the squad AI don't really offer much help at all. If you get downed they get taken out before they revive you most of the time unless you're tucked away in the back, mind you there is a skull that disables revives if don't want it at all.

frostypants1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

Removing split screen MP was a stupid move. I remember back when SSX killed it...I was pissed.

Azzanation1784d ago

I am a huge fan of the Halo series, its the only reason I game on consoles. Halo 5 is everything I expected, I enjoyed the Campaign as much as I enjoyed the MP. Best FPS game iv played so far this year and probably even next.

Locke is an awesome character, those should watch Nightfall and read the books to understand.

Halo will always get criticism, Halo 4 did with its MP and Halo 5 fixed that.

Halo 6 is going to be another master piece in my eyes. Those giving this game the flick is there loss, plain and simple.

Christopher1784d ago

***Locke is an awesome character, those should watch Nightfall and read the books to understand. ***

Shouldn't they not have to do that in order to get the experience of an "awesome" character?

I'm not saying he is or isn't, I haven't played the game. But, to say you should go outside of the game to see how awesome a character is or isn't seems to defeat the whole point of being given an "awesome" character in the $60 game you play.

Hooby1784d ago

I'm a huge halo fan and Nightfall was terrible.

You think halo can do no wrong no matter what. Perhaps consider pulling your head out of the ground.

Azzanation1783d ago

When the company decides to follow the books that's what is expected when the game is released, just like many movies that get released and miss out on all the important things books offer because of length.

That's your opinion not mine. I am loving Halo since Halo 4, the way they turn the franchise into something more serious has been a gold decision in my book.

GTgamer1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I had an opinion but then I realized they are pros and cons of dropping a game score so low because of its campaign
PRO-The devs try to deliver the best single player on their games
CONS-They drop campaigns completely from their games (which I don't support)
So Im at stand still on this review.

memots1784d ago

I tough the Multiplayer graphic were pretty bad.

But overall it looks awesome. Halo has that thing, Ambience and lore that always wants me to come back.

mEATgrinder1784d ago ShowReplies(2)
REDDURT1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

I have been an advocate of halo has been dying since COD took the top spot. When Halo would come out we would here about the money it made with in days but this time but now we here nothing and its a week later. The devloper switch didn't help

Mikefizzled1784d ago

To be fair Halo 5 Guardians never stood a chance to follow up to the sales of 3/4/Reach. The install base of the 360 at the time was probably at least triple that of the One. CoD launchs on 5 platforms whereas Guardians launched on 1 with an install base that is less than what Advanced Warfare sold combined.

REDDURT1783d ago

That is fair but lbh halo is a great franchise but it is not the mario of fps any more. I would like to say I still love halo.

showtimefolks1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

one of the very few honest reviewers in gaming today. 343 have an all start development studio but for some reason they can not seem to even match what bungie offered.

i also think bungie set the bar too high and first trilogy is mostly better than what comes after

i personally don't see halo 5 making as huge of an impact as some people believe it will. the series has slowed down a lot since halo 3

halo 4 story was 4 to 5 hours and now halo 5 is about the same yet people complain about COD stories being short

4:30 story
no co op

but this is next gen yet gaming is going backwards. I am not just talking about halo 5, why is it that even though these are next gen systems we can't get the same features or modes on these that we got last gen

and out of that 4:30 we have over an hour of cutscenes. yeh true next gen gaming

Hayabusa 1171783d ago

"The ending was a let down" So was Halo 2's ending.

"Not enough Master Chief" You should be grateful, some Halo games have no Masterchief at all (Halo Reach). I honestly didn't care about the ratio, playing as either MC or Locke are virtually identical gameplay experiences anyway (unlike the Arbiter from Halo 2).

"No split screen"...I get why people are upset, I'm just not in the same boat (Haven't played Halo split screen since Halo 2)

"Campaign is too short" I suppose, but in all honestly I'm getting bored of 8+ hour games that's just filled with padding and copy/paste side missions.

"They focused on multiplayer" Really? 'cose multiplayer feels like the "unfinished" part of the game to me.

"They made it look like there was going to be a big face-off between Locke and MC!" It's your own fault for trusting the hype machine, this is why I generally ignore all marketing and PR BS surrounding games nowadays.

Like G20WLY said, I took the game at face value and really enjoyed the campaign. In fact, I think it's my second favourite Halo campaign after Halo CE. I can see why people are let down for various reasons, but I think it's because their brought the hype and were expecting something "mind-blowing"...Hal o 5 is definitely not on that level, but I didn't expect it to be.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the music yet. The music to me is on of the key things that elevates it above the average Halo campaign.

yeahright21783d ago

So there's nothing wrong with the game? No short comings? Any legit complaint is our own fault for believing "hype"?

Imma just close this door so you and that copy of Halo can have the room to yourselves.

Hayabusa 1171782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Well I did say: "Halo 5 is definitely not on that level, but I didn't expect it to be. "

Issues with Halo 5?

The death animations are still crap (they've been crap since Halo 2).

Most weapons in the game feel like they're depressed. One the the things I like about Halo CE so much is how chunky the weapons feel. This has sadly gone since Halo 2 onwards, but Halo 5's weapons definitely feel the worst.

(Ok, these are small thins things but they're very important elements of a shooting game for me.)

As Angry Joe pointed out, the same boss battle over and over...

No dual wielding...would really have liked that for the campaign :(

Promethians were cooler in Halo 4.

The story fell flat. Never really got a sense that the galaxy was in peril at any point. Even though I got bored of the flood by the second game, it would've been nice to throw them in with the promethians. Would've made things more interesting.

Just like Halo 4, they dropped most of the cool new things that have been added to the Halo series over the sequels (incendiary grenades, Hornets, the damn grenade pistol,brute shots, equipments...). I get that they're trying to make everything play ergonomically but the Halo games desperately need more scope to keep it interesting, instead of playing every Halo campaign with same standardised weapon and vehicle set...they keep adding new stuff but under utilising them.

AI? pfaaaaaahhh!

I could go on.

Angry Joe still made some good points as well, but I still say it's silly to accept what the marketing and publicity articles say about the game. I've been let down so many times by devs/publishers/journalists over hyping games that I now know not to pay too much attention to them. It's also nice to discover features in a game that I didn't know about that would've been given away through marketing. (I think it's fine for them to talk about these things so people know what they're getting into e.t.c but if I know I'm going to buy a game regardless, then I don't need to follow the marketing.)

EDIT: I also think it's silly for a veteran Halo to start the campaign on "normal" difficulty. Call it "Halo tradition" all you want but the fact is normal difficulty is designed for people who have never played Halo before, while Heroic is designed for people who have played a previous Halo game. My brother also started playing the game on normal and didn't like it. I told him it was a dumb thing to do too. Fair enough if you don't like it for whatever reasons, but I'm not really sure if such a person's judgement is fair. For example, I can't compare my experience of Witcher 3 to Angry Joe's because I played the game on normal and hated the game, while Joe played it on hard and even recommended other people do so.

The_BlackHeart__1783d ago

The disagreement on your post proves that users ARE complaining.

G20WLY1782d ago

You're right, holy fudge I hadn't realised how badly received it had been in general! It's pretty eye opening and MS can't bee too pleased. There were some bum choices made with this franchise and it seems to be rapidly losing it's lustre.

1783d ago
gedden71783d ago

4.5 hours???? Yeah I can see why people are upset with this game...

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TwoForce1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

A lot of time, some people please the change and some other don't like the changes. I would give Halo 5 an 8, but I respect his opinion.

fsdgf1784d ago

I love how there's so many dislikes for a comment as open and middle of the road as this.

it's an objective fact that some people really like Halo 5 and others don't, what's there to disagree about?

UserNameIsNotTaken1784d ago

No no no no... you must LIKE/HATE DIS GAME!!!


Relientk771784d ago

Angry Joe is hilarious I got to watch this later when I get home

Dario_DC1784d ago

People might not agree on the number, or even try to downplay Joe's review due to him not being the best MP player out there but everything he said is true.

Allsystemgamer1784d ago

He may not be good at games but the man knows his stuff. I feel it's more of a 7 -8

Dario_DC1784d ago

I do think this is more a 7/10 and Joe does know how to review most games, specially if it's a part of a certain genre.
I also think that Halo is just too big for some of the "Big Media Sites" to review, they must pamper to their audience and obviously get as much of that advertising money... I swear I've never seen a game more advertised than Halo 5!

vork771784d ago

he always plays the games on the hardest setting

Gazondaily1784d ago

Ouch. I usually agree with him. Will have to check what he says about the game

MasterCornholio1784d ago (Edited 1784d ago )

He's really angry at the campaign though. He absolutely hated the fact that MC took a back seat in the story. He also hated fighting the same boss many times in a row. Also as for multiplayer the lack of splitscreen didn't amuse him. He also didn't like the micro transaction system and he thought the maps were a very repitive.

That's basically a summary of his review.