Need For Speed is 900p on Xbox One - Report

Impressive visuals come at the cost of a sub-1080p resolution and occasional frame rate dips, report says.

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chrish19903131d ago

So? Is the game fun? Yes. Does the rest matter? No.

98xpresent3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Go to pc if it matters that much. Having a Standard for res is just gonna have you miss out on dope games

mark_parch3131d ago

@ N4G3RZ

If you had both versions playing in front of you I guarantee you wouldn't know which one was which FACT. So no it doesn't matter a LOT.

GHOSTxx4203131d ago

Yea it matters i mean it looks like a blurry mess on my tv

dcbronco3131d ago

Of course 900p matters. Well only on Xbox One.

CaptainObvious8783131d ago


It matters to me, that's why I bought a PS4.

badz1493131d ago


Just because you are blind, doesn't make it a fact!

Sm00thNinja3131d ago

its a shame gamers have evolved into this... No one cared about power when the SNES and SEGA genesis were going at it, and no one cared about the power difference between the N64 and PS1. Gamers have evolved into something horrid. I remember when it use to be about if the game was fun. Now its about graphics and achievements/trophies and 1080p vs 900p and 60 fps. Unless you really care for those things 900p isnt even noticeable. The route this industry is heading is disturbing to say the least. Regardless if i was going to pick this title i would pick it up on PS4. Game just belongs on a Sony platform on my opinion not sure why. Just like COD belongs on an Xbox platform. Just a personal preference i suppose

cd13131d ago

Now now ladies, this argument again?...really?

Why take it personally when somebody plays a game at a lower res than you?

I can only assume some of you have no partners or friends so this is how you talk to others who have the same hobby. If this is the case you have my pity but should probably head towards a chat room as apposed to giving people abuse in a comments section.

Never really been a big NFS fan so i wont be purchasing it myself but i hope you guys enjoy it...no matter what res you play on.

XanderZane3131d ago

Not when Need For Speeds Rivals was 1080P on the XB1. lol!! Blame the developers, not the hardware. Still using the outdated Frostbite engine as well. Not surprised. They couldn't even get SW: Battlefront to be 1080P on XB1 or PS4 with that crappy engine.

psychobabble3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

@Sm00thNinja You must not be old enough to remember the SNES/Genesis era too well. I absolutely remember A LOT of arguing about the power differences between the two in my middle school! But then again, we were middle schoolers, lol.

@cd1 You don't remember the Sega commercials where they claimed to be the faster system by showing the speed differences between Sonic and Mario?

cd13131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )


I remember SNES/Megadrive days, i cant remember a single argument over spec thou. Just lots of Truxton, Street Fighter and Dr Pepper :D

Edit: No i dont remember that advert, probably just an american thing. Here in the UK me and my mates agreed the graphics looked a little better on the Megadrive on some games but nobody cared. If you did think like that and dismissed the SNES because of it you really missed out :(

CYCLEGAMER3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

So I guess Uncharted 4's multiplayer will look like a blurry mess on your tv? How about Assassins Creed Syndicate, battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, UFC, Star Wars battlefront. Yeah...all of those games are a blurry mess on the ps4 right? Sound more like you need a new tv....lol.

tuglu_pati3131d ago


I wonder if you'll be playing UC4 Multiplayer since it matter that much to you.

BallsEye3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

funny that. Just recently a ps4 exclusive, uncharted was announced to be 900p, and reading through the comments, everyone were saying it's a good choice (to keep stable fps) and there is no noticeable difference between 900p and 1080p when gaming on tv. I see opinions shifted once more, when it comes to xbox one game.


Totally with you on this. I come from times where gameplay mattered. Frankly, no one gave a damn about graphics back in the day.I said it times over and I'll say it again - I blame today's spoiled kids (most of n4g community) for the failure of this generation. Problem with you is that you is that you don't care about the game. Your only objective is to show it off and say "mine is better than yours". America...bet you people also compete in school who got better cell phone from parents on Christmas.

rdgneoz33131d ago

"its a shame gamers have evolved into this..."

Guessing someone doesn't remember the PS360 comparisons / lens of truth and crap, blowing up pictures to analyze even the AA for each game. Only because the shoe is on the other foot do people care / complain these days.

u4one3131d ago

*thinks back to the uncharted 4 multiplayer story and how everybody in those comments seemed to be ok with 900p and that there was no discernible difference at that resolution* oh.. right. now what was this xbox one article about that people are so worked up about? 900p or something?

nix3131d ago

Ok..like i said before (in Uncharted thread), this topic will be big because on one console the game is coming out at 1024p and on another 900p. I think that's where ppl are finding problems. Xbox1 is less powerful than PS4. Let's accept that and move on. We don't need to debate on this every single time.

Though quite a contrast from PS360 days.

LeCreuset3131d ago

Seeing a lot of "Uncharted MP" false equivalencies. If there were two copies of Uncharted, same game, same price, but one was 1080p/60fps, the vast majority of those in the know are going to grab the 1080p/60fps copy. Of course it matters.

LeCreuset3131d ago


In fairness, we don't know what the PS4 version will look like, yet. But you are right about the problem people are having with this. It wold be a lot easier to move on if the first comment in these types of articles wasn't some off-topic declaration that the subject doesn't matter.

AngelicIceDiamond3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

The fact that nobody cared what the res was until this article popped up shows that ppl didn't care. Now that this sorta article popped up it suddenly a big deal now.

What can you say that's already been said a million times about Xbox? We know its a little weaker when it comes to third party we all know that. No need for the constant reminder. I get the few dozen article about res before, but now its just immaturity on gamers part.

A few lower pixels doesn't mean a damn thing in the real world. Sorry but that's where I live. So it doesn't mean anything, at all.

UncleJerry3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

well, "matters a lot" might be going a bit far, but if so many people care this much..than yea, I guess it does matter. I'm sure the game still looks good. I'm not picking this up anyways, but since I wouldn't play with others I would prob get this for my ps4. TBH, I'm just a little surprised just how much people still build this up to be. We all know this type of thing is going to be the case at least until a new gen comes along.

So, the analysis is welcome, and people have the right to know which version is what...but people, please, calm down already with this. Old news is old news.

A good amount of people only own one of the 2 consoles, so yea, it doesn't matter..they will have to buy what ever version they can play.

Clearly this opinion is in the minority this gen...but, if you really like xbox and can only get one console and you like the exclusives they have etc....are you going to buy a ps4 instead for a few lines of res...especially in a NFS title?

lsujester3131d ago

No, it doesn't. Burnout Revenge is one of, if not the, best racers in history, and it has pretty abysmal graphics by today's standard.

Tech53131d ago

"It matters a LOT."

the return of double standards.

BeefCurtains3131d ago

Interesting news, good to know...

*checks comment section for 100% guaranteed PS4/X1 fanboy war below*

Not disappointed...

X1 game resolution articles are more for PS4 fanboys than anyone else.

0to1003131d ago

Can someone remind me what the uncharted 4 multiplayer resolution is? Hmmmm