HipHopGamer Shows Why Cheat Codes will Increase Game Sales Kane & Lynch is the Victim

Imagine playing a game with a great story line, good graphics, but the gameplay SUCKS so bad to the point where you give it back to GAMESTOP.

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Abolisher of Apathy3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I don't think cheat codes would make this game more enjoyable or playable.The game play is flawed so the cheats would be useless at least for me ,but I strongly disagree cheat codes would make this game better cheat codes would screw with the flow of the gameplay even more.

Why would you screw it up even more?

Corrupt Reflections

Dragunov3749d ago

But for people without skills cheat codes are good, not everybody has the time and patience to win the big boss emblem in MGS4..

theKiller3749d ago

is that they talk too much, just to show a point they will talk 5 or 10 minutes to prove their point!!

they need to make their discussions more briefer!!

letter to HipHopGamer Shows

make ur points with fewer words and everybody have to to watch 10 mins to just see how cheats helps the game, or to talk for 1-2 hours on some topics!! remember not all people have nothing to do except watching or listening to ur shows!!

i think ur shows have great value and u talk about so many good and important thing but u always do that with the longest time period possible!!

mistajeff3749d ago

I think he has a good point. Especially for games where you're not used to the type of gameplay but you can't change difficulty mid-game (or you're already playing on easy).