Cliffy B. thinks Dead Space looks Good on Unreal Engine

Recently we had a chance to visit EA studios in Redwood Shores, California, to put our eyes and hands on the much-anticipated upcoming survival-horror game, Dead Space. The part where Glen talks about Cliff Bleszinski thinking Dead Space "looked good" on the Unreal Engine is great (the game is made on a EA graphical engine). While there we also sat down with executive producer Glen Schofield for a detailed interview about what Dead Space is and what it means to him personally. What comes out of the session are some pretty interesting points on how Dead Space was pitched to EA and what big name Horror directors lent their expertise to the project.

Both core gameplay mechanics, stratigic dismemberment and zero-g puzzles, are coming together nicely and look to make Dead Space one of the "must own" games of 2008. Check out the full interview below, sorry for the shaky camera (we got there late and had to stand the entire time), make sure to turn your volume up full and stay tuned for more coverage on Dead Space later this month.

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