The Top 10 Games based on Comics

There is an amazing amount of bad games based on comics (*superman64*), and very few good ones. Although Casualty Gamer managed to find a few decent ones and hence this is the 'Top 10 Games Based on Comics'.

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Fullish3722d ago

Agrees :D Although I would of put Marvel Super Heroes in the list.

Horny3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

I remember a few more good ones from when I was a kid just forgot the names.
One of them was a Marvel game for the SNES. And then theres Batman Returns for the SNES.

At the moment the only comic book game I own is Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Legend Of Indie3722d ago

The list was good just spiderman 2 wasnt there! That game was amazing! free roaming the city climbing up walls saving people. It got repetitive after like 3 playthroughs but that game deserves to be on that list.

Fullish3722d ago

Spider-man 2 isn't there because it's not based on the comic, it's based on the movie.

Polluted3721d ago

I liked Ultimate better, but it's pretty much the same game. Anyone of the Treyarch Spidermans could have made the list, really.

MrRaveDave3722d ago

Although one game is missing.....the Darkness that game just kicks ass!!