The Cell Podcast: Episode Two

AnalogHype:Sorry for the delay guys, but we are finally back with episode 2 of The Cell. We discussed a lot of the news that we have missed over the past 2 weeks. We also talk about games that we would create if we were in the position to make any game would could. Please give it a listen, and post all feedback, positive and negative…Hope you all enjoy!!

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solidt123723d ago

Started off slow but this is a good podcast.

GodzMustBeCrazy3723d ago

Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you continue to listen!!!

DFresh3723d ago

Great podcast.
PS3 is gaining by late 2008 most developers will be using the PS3 as their main platform of choice.
Amazing games, great services, accessories, technology. etc.
Great show keep them coming.