HipHopGamer VS IGN "Who Is Really Giving The Best Gamer Reviews"

Assasins Creed PS3 7.5 vs Assasins Creed 360 7.7 Why?
Where's the difference Find out the Bull Sh*t for your self
CLICK THE LINK and let's get it poppin. Also I'm a show you the Bias part with Soul Calibur 4. MUST SEE

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Bangadoshish3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Definitely agree with the Bias in the industry being present

CViper3776d ago

As this industry grows more and more we are going to start seeing a cleaning effect happen with our journalism. With websites being called "trusted sources" like Eurogamer\Edge there is something clearly wrong with journalism. Gamespot can get busted for accepting money for reviews, and no one bats an eye? I'm sure that Gamespot isn't the only one that is "influenced."

There is a clear bias in this gens journalism. Double standards run rampant, it sucks because there are no longer any real good gaming communities anymore. The fanboy war is spread over everything, and people like Cliffy B saying his game looks better than ___ instead of taking the high road isn't exactly cooling down the flames. These idiots love the attention, and we are all suckers for giving it to them.

keep up the good work HHG :)

Dacapn3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Yeah, it's funny cuz the only ones blind to bias and yet find it in the smallest places are fanboys.

Legion3776d ago

You talk about bias and then go and give praise to a bias reveiwer? Who isn't even good at what he does!!? Wow, and you even show your own bias to PS3 by centering on Cliffy B but not giving equal rant on any Sony publishing unit that has done the exact same thing??!!!

You wear your colors well.

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Silogon3776d ago

Hip----hop, this is, again, my suggestion to you. You're production, as you've stated is very low. As a guy who is in a band and does rig lighting and such for us maybe you should invest in the following.

- A 5ft x 5ft wood panel
- A Lime Green Sheet
- A movie editor that allows Chroma key/green screen "for those not in the know"


Tac the sheet around the board very tightly and hang it up behind you. Stand in front of this board while you film and then use a solid script for your show.

Before you post your vids, I know you want to get them out really fast and all, but don't! Edit out the green screen behind you with something more flashy. Anything. Vegas lights for all I care. Something more than the black sheet.

If you e-mail me I'd be glad to help you out anyway I can. These items are not expensive to obtain and if all you are wanting to do is chroma key and edit, windows movie maker has add ons for you for that.

Let me know. you've got talent and have good presence on screen, you just need to refine your production better. Lights are also a plus for you and some stage lights wouldn't be bad. < All of this is, of course, if you want to do this long term.

egm_hiphopgamer3776d ago

honestly thank you so much for your help but i've got a green screen i tried some things but it wasn't working and truthfully from what i hear. the black sheet for some reason has grown on people and now they like it a whole lot to the point where they identify it with me and my show lol it's crazy but truthfully my next step will be a major tv show on a major network and so far from what i've been doing and the popularity i've been generating lord willing i'll get to that point you know. and when i met shane kim and others who did see my show they enjoyed the show cause of me and the content and the energy to the point where the black screen didn't even bother them at all so i'm doing ok for now thanks for the offer but it's gonna get better someday ok man thanks and peace

CViper3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

But hats off to you for putting yourself out there for help.

DJ3776d ago

Green screening is pretty tough to do properly. I like the black backdrop that HHG uses, but I also think that he needs a better camera (HD quality) and improved lighting for his webisodes. But don't change the audio quality! It's not "professional", but it's perfect for your show and makes it seems just that much more authentic.

But don't be afraid to edit.

Legion3776d ago

But what is up with being able to see the ceiling? COME ON!!!! Get over your "I like living in this card board box" mentality and correct yourself. If you want a black back drop, no problem. But at the least... correct the camera view so it doesn't look like a crappy "let me adjust my living room so I can work at home" effect.

You want to stay low budget then go for it. If you want to actually TRY to be more then what you are then try to do something about it. I personally think your reviews are awful and bias but you got people who listen to your garbage. (even me for the laughs) So do them a service and yourself and at least get your act together. You got the balls to follow through and make something of what little you have (sorry if the little part hits a nerve) so follow through and improve yourself some more by getting these issues fixed.

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