Game Argus Review: Soul Calibur IV

Game Argus writes: "It's been almost ten years since Soul Calibur debuted in the home at the launch of the Dreamcast. Two sequels failed to live up to Namco's stunning Dreamcast precedent, and finally with the fourth entry, the series can finally match up to the original in all aspects. Soul Calibur IV is a gorgeous, deep, and highly customizable 3-D fighter with a perfect feel that has become a series hallmark.

You can Soul Calibur IV a lot of things, but the first is "beautiful." While previous sequels looked only slightly upgraded from Sega's hardware, this new revision is a true step up. Star Wars combatant Jedi master Yoda looks pulled directly out of any of the recent sequels, the flowing cloth of garments is staggering, and backgrounds are overloaded with stunning vistas capped off by lighting effects sent from the programming heavens."

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