Why Sony's Paris Game Week showing left fans wanting

The Quit or Continue podcast gang talk Paris Games week, discussing all the announcements, including Dreams, Horizon, and a whole host of VR stuff. Was it enough to impress? Or is Sony saving all its big announcements for the Playstation experience?

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HereThereBeGamers1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

That Dreams game looks like what happens when you get too many creative geniuses in a room together. Lots of lofty ideas but it's not anything I'd ever want to play.

On the whole the show was missing that big wow moment too when it came to 100% new announcements. Guess we have to wait until PSX to see what Sony has up its sleeve (or more likely E3).

Aloy-Boyfriend1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

With PSX, you know their biggest event a month away, I really didn't expect many %100 new announcements. And, these people ''Left wanting more'' need to have that in mind. Imo I think Detroit Become Human was they wow moment seeing Sony and QD finally listened to fans

Still, the show was bigger than I expected and Sony did announce new stuff we didn't know about, and showed gameplay of the games they announced before.

Most of their developers have yet to show their stuff, and it is at PSX where we might see them. PGW was dedicated to their western devs.

_-EDMIX-_1266d ago

" Imo I think Detroit Become Human was they wow moment seeing Sony and QD finally listened to fans"

Who said they weren't? lol We don't even know for how long this game has been in development for, it wasn't just some sprung up announcement, they likely had plans for months and its been in development for likely years.

Like you stated, they still have developers who have yet to show their stuff, Sony still needs to responsibility market certain titles. If they have plans for spring 2018, they would seek to announce a title know is being worked on right now, when its actually still the concept promised for 2018.

Consider they knew about Horizon since 2011.

They have their own release time line and plans and I don't think they just give in to public pressure on when folks think games should be announced.

I don't know what if anything we might see new from PSX, they likely already have planned for some time now what they will announce.

Rimeskeem1267d ago

Remember what people said about LBP?

"That game looks stupid"
"Kids game"

Ended up being super fun and creative, I see the same thing in Dreams

freshslicepizza1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

it ended up being highly creative and fascinating what others could do with their creative minds but as a game it never did end up being super fun to play. especially with the floaty controls. this i why i will remain apprehensive about dreams as far as how fun it will be to play because we all know the creative tools look amazing but how fun will it be to play?

the paris show has once again secured sony's position as the market leader when it comes to content and fresh ideas. however what it also showed is how once again a lot of what they do show is still a long ways off. sony always delivers but they are also known to delay quite a few games.

rainslacker1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

I really hope so, but the creation method of it seems to be more geared towards the artistically inclined, as opposed to those who are simply good at level design. Some of the sculpting stuff they use is fairly advanced stuff for graphics arts students, which removes a large base of players who are not into that or don't have the talent for it.

I've created some nice LBP levels for my portfolio, but would be completely lost making anything in Dreams, despite knowing the principals, simply because I am not the artistic type. My mind simply doesn't conceptualize things in that way, and if it did, my hands lack the coordination and spatial recognition to make it into a reality. 3D sculpting is a rather specialized art in itself which takes loads of practice, a knowledge of 3D design in general, and an ability to actually sculpt stuff.

On the other end of the spectrum, all this creativity is nice, but there has to be a game play element to it to make it appealing to the masses. Having a way for art to interact is great and all for the artist, but is terribly boring for those who just want to play some creative level designs.

Maybe we just haven't seen enough yet to determine what kind of game it will actually be. For now it just seems like a 3D modeling tool that can use pre-defined animations to bring that model to life...which is going to be fairly boring to someone looking for a game to play, and it's probably not going to be advanced enough to keep the 3D modelers interested for long.

guyman1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

"On the whole the show was missing that big wow moment too when it came to 100% new announcements"

Ummmm, no

Gran turismo (alough im not a fan of racing games)

Those are 3 big announcements. Plus big gameplay reveals for dreams and wild made for a great show all round. Plus, nier 2 gameplay was shown later.

Then there was TGS, with big reveals like gravity rush 2 and Ni-ho. New announcements are the last thing people should be complaining about.

Aloy-Boyfriend1267d ago

Leaving fans wanting for more is a good sign the show was great as opposed to have fans turn the stream/TV off or not watch it at all. No worries, PSX is a month and 2 days away!

Lucreto1267d ago

It was a good conference, it had something for everyone, most genres were covered in that conference.

zsquaresoff1266d ago

The only left "wanting" was for the games announced on the conference to release sooner than later.

Apocalypse Shadow1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Not going to even listen to the podcast.

Detroit(Kara) gets announced when everyone wanted David Cage to make a game based off of the artistic video.

Dreams,made by one of the most creative teams in the business,the same people who made LBP that even Nintendo was envious,shows that games can be fun without guns.

Neir,made by the experts in action games(platinum games), gets another awesome trailer.

No man's sky,the most ambitious indie game, gets a release window.

Uncharted, one of the biggest third person games for Sony, made by one of the most talented game developers, gets an awesome multiplayer trailer.

Horizon, one of the best looking games announced at E3, gets another awesome play through from the team that seems to love mecha in their games.who doesn't love mecha?

I could go on and on. But I'll just mention one more.

Gran Turismo, Sony's biggest and best selling driving simulator not only gets an announcement, but is announced to support PSVR. Meaning big games will support the headset and not just bite sized games.

I mean really, what were you looking for to be announced?BC?Free PlayStation Now?All AAA games for the past two years free with PS Plus?$99 dollar PSvr?I mean what?

This fan was content and not wanting.That's the thing about don't have to worry about them announcing more games. you know they're coming.

medman1266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

Very nicely done sir. I concur completely.

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