New Dead Rising Screens: Added Waggle, No Added Zombies

Famitsu have uploaded a set of new screenshots for Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop for the Wii. Here's what you should expect: helpful in-action shots displaying how the game's waggle controls will work for stuff like combat. You should also expect to see the Res 4-style shooting mechanic in action. Here's what you shouldn't expect: more zombies than the last time you saw it. Capcom may have said they're hoping to get around 100 on-screen, but that's obviously something they're working on later.

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Rute5339d ago

I think there are about 20 zombies in the following screen:

Product5339d ago

This game is getting crazy publicity.Ill stick with Resident evil games .I also think its funny how the studio that made Dawn of the Dead tried suing Capcom for copyright infringement,which they should have won if you have seen the movie.