Details and images listed for the Collective Minds Strike Pack Xbox One Controller Paddle Adapter

Several details and images have been listed for the upcoming Collective Minds Strike Pack Xbox One Controller Paddle Adapter.

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GearSkiN1269d ago

mehh imma wait on how well this thing perform

FlameBaitGod1268d ago

Copy the steam controller more lol, company name should be call "We copy from others and paste it as ours"

ShowanW1268d ago

why make comments like this? you arent doing yourself any favors.

FlameBaitGod1268d ago

Because its the truth maybe ? The steam controller had this since the concept was announced. Maybe research a little ?

Crazay1268d ago

I appreciate the effort here, but just looking at it, I can't help but shake the feeling it looks cheap and flimsy. Best of luck to anyone who opts to spend the money. I hope you don't regret the decision but suspect you will.

Obamacare1268d ago

All of you who hated on the xbox one elite controller. Here is your cheaper alternative.

Voids1268d ago

Do you think this could work for PC?

I only ask since I use an Xbox One controller for my PC and this would be pretty cool for the upcoming Need For Speed game, be able to paddle shift :D