Become The Game Designer Your Mom Always Said You Would Never Be

Ripten writes:

"Did your mom tell you that playing video games would never amount to anything? Did she? Well, if becoming the next Cliffy B feels like it's beyond your grasp, and you can't command the respect of your peers like Ken Levine, you may still have a chance of breaking into the industry you love.

Check out the swell video below and remember that having a clueless boss, saying "dude", wearing tight pink shirts, hard work, persistence, and the desire to defy your parents wishes will always pay off in the end."

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Viktor E4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

Her heart must clench tight whenever Ted Price zooms by in his Ferrari

Solid_Snake6664350d ago

Ferrari..pshhh more like Private Jet

7h3ultim8p004350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

What's up with Sony fanboys sucking a lot of Ted Price d!ck lately?

Old Snake4350d ago

I'd smash Cliffy B's girlfriend

Nostradavis4350d ago

I like how the kid says they need to finish level three and tighten up the graphics like they will ever touch anything besides the damn controller.

iamtehpwn4349d ago

That's his MOM? I thought it was his Girlfriend or Wife. God dammit.

Johnny Cullen4350d ago

God bless Cliff Blezenski's girlfriend.

He may make good games but christ, what a big headed bastard. I bet you right now she must be dying to get pummeled by Ted Price.

socomnick4350d ago

lol fail. His gf gets pummeled by me. Well me and icewake take turns :/

7h3ultim8p004350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

At least he has a girlfriend. What do you have, besides haterade?

Johnny Cullen4350d ago

Can I join in?

Pwetty please?

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The story is too old to be commented.