An open letter to Nintendo about Wii Sports Bowling

A writer at Gamertell has posted an open letter to Nintendo asking them to make a bowling game that will let him beat his 5-year-old son. From the beginning of the article/letter:

"Domo Arigato Nintendo,

I want to personally thank you for your ingenious Wii game console. I recently purchased one for my family and wanted to provide you with the feedback only the proud Dad of a 5-year-old can give.

@#$%! you.

Let me describe for you the feeling of being beat being humiliated by someone 1/15th my weight, who has no practical real-world experience, no knowledge of physics, trig or geometry and no checking account. It hurts, bad..."

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Zerodin3723d ago

This is FUNNY as FECK!!!!

Secat3723d ago

It would be nice to have a better system so you could actually bowl in a way where you dont have to swing the opposite direction and still get a strike, lol, but I only read the first few parts of this letter, and this dad seems a little bit too angry.. lol. It's a game, have fun with it, =P But I understand his point, haha.

Product3723d ago

this guy must suck bad to not do well in wii bowling

thisisim3723d ago

Nobody wants to comment on this guy who is so humiliated to have his son beat him at something? Most dads I know let their 5-year-old sons beat them instead of being humiliated by a loss. I think he's missing the point of games in general.

He must be one of those "professional" gamers. Can't take games too seriously...