[Amiibo] Shovel Knight, Mega Yarn Yoshi and Animal Crossing

The guys of Gaming Boulevard went to Paris Games Week and checked out the Shovel Knight, Mega Yarn Yoshi and Animal Crossing Amiibo.

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For Shovelry! Looking Back on Shovel Knight 10-Years Later

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Yacht Club's Shovel Knight, CGM takes a brief look at its legacy.

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Shovel Knight Developer Speedrun | IGN Live 2024 - IGN

Yacht Club games brought their A-game to IGN Live and sat down with us to speed run their way through Shovel Knight. Join us as they put their skills to the test and see if they can beat their own records.


8 of the most useless amiibo figures ever released

A new list goes over eight of the the most useless amiibo, ranging from the Shadow Mewtwo card to the Qbby figure.

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