Xbox Live Active Usage Grows; Nearly Half Of Xbox One User Base Uses Service, According MS CEO

According Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella, active usage on Xbox Live keeps growing. The CEO said this recently, during the company's earnings conference call for their 1st quarter of fiscal year 2016.

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VER1ON1264d ago

Although psn has improved, i still prefer xbl

BadBoyC1264d ago

People will always argue about which network is better but too me the best network is the network that most of your friends are on, at least that's the way I look at it. It's as simple as that for me.

Bobafret1264d ago

I have no frame of reference but people say they are pretty much even nowadays.

nix1264d ago

Let's crack open the champagnes.

GamingIVfun1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I have both XBL and PSN, when it comes to online multiplayer they are pretty much the same and pretty much always have been, they both have had problems with multi player in certain games, on Xbox 360 Gears of war Games had problems with every release, with Xbox One XBL has been down just as much as PSN. I will admit that download speeds were better on 360 and the 360 had better chat options over PS3, but that is not the case for PS4. Some people have had slow download problems on PSN but I think that was because of a firmware bug and it was only for some people, I never had the problem with download speed, downloads have always been at the speed of my internet on PS4.

As far what the services offer, they have borrowed from each other so much that they are virtually the same.

Bottom line both services are great for the most part and even if you think their is a difference, it's very small, to the point of near none existence.

The difference to me of PSN and XBL on PS4 and Xbox One aren't enough to declare either a winner over the other, both are really good at the end of the day but can always use some improvement.

kenwonobi1264d ago

It's like using a cable service. They both the the job done. In the end nobody cares while using it. Xbox players and Microsoft like to tout as some sort of advantage. Which is kinda ridiculous.

omegaheat1264d ago

@GamingIVfun, your comment comes off intelligent enough to make a good point, but I have to disagree with you. The services are vastly different as far as multiplayer. There's one huge difference that makes one better than the other, and that is Xbox Live's approach to make a leveled playing field by using dedicated servers. I don't even gave to explain the benefits of that to you if you're a gamer. I'm not insulting for your opinion, but I really think you and a lot of other gamers aren't educated on the subject. After I discovered what dedicated servers do for multiplayer gaming, I can't look back.

Letthewookiewin1264d ago

I think both services are fantastic. PSN trails but you definitely hear more about XBL because that's kinda all they have to brag about. X1 is behind PS4 in every other way. Graphics, Game variety, sales and so on. So this is their new vague way of measuring success.

Majin-vegeta1264d ago


Funny how you bring up Dedi know something Sony has been using since last gen lol.

Captain_TomAN941264d ago

Bingo! Except PSN is technically cheaper and allows far better streaming, upload, and sharing features.

Thus if we compare apples to apples - PSN TECHNICALLY wins. But it isn't as big of a difference as some fanboys would have you believe.

1264d ago
GamingIVfun1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )


PSN has always had dedicated servers for games, some have them some don't, same as Xbox live. So that is just another area where they are virtually the same. Not being insulting but you come off as uneducated and smug.

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Liqu1d1264d ago

What's this article got to do with PSN.

Subaruwrx1264d ago

@Liqu1d - Yeah, this an article about the increase in number of users for XBL; it's not an article comparing the quality of the XBL and PSN services. The first guy to comment on the article, Frisky, set the tone for the rest of the comments by trolling. I reported him for trolling and hope others do the same.

GamingIVfun1263d ago

Referring to the post at the very top. Did you miss it? Just giving an explanation for why one isn't really better than the other. Why do certain people try to police the forums? I didn't say anything bad and like I said I was responding to the very first post, no need to be defensive.

Automatic791264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

Yeah Xbox live definitely over unstable PSN. Add in the new Xbox One experience and Xbox 360 Back Compatible should seal the deal with naysayers. Xbox live is the leader hands down.

Jayszen1264d ago

Why mention PSN at all. You Xbone fanboys can't help but compare anything and everything with the Playstation.

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Foehammer1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I'm glad they're using a realistic system to measure the use of the service:

"While that doesn't mean we won't hear about console shipment statistics, it won't be something we should expect to see every quarter. Microsoft also indicates that the 39 million Xbox Live users reported today are more narrowly defined now. We've been told that this metric now reflects users that have logged in within the past month. No differentiation has been made between gold (paying) and silver (free) members."

In the past I've seen other companies use a very unrealistic metric; every user on every platform leading to numbers that actually exceed the total number of units sold.

It's the new metric but MS NEVER said that sales don't matter

They also NEVER said they wouldn't report sales.

I'm actually quite impressed with this statement from the article:

“Every day nearly half of the Xbox One user base is engaged in the service”

Be interesting to know what those numbers are in a week?

VER1ON1264d ago

I think you would bw amazed. I wonder how many of those users are paying gold members.

wesjanson991264d ago

XBL does have quite a bit going for it, that's for sure.

MasterD9191264d ago

Well, you pretty much need XBL nowadays to enjoy most games. But that's great for MS. How about giving something back to the fans now?

OMGitzThatGuy1264d ago

You mean like dedicated servers and 4 free games a month?

MasterD9191264d ago

I was thinking more along the lines of a free month of live or something...I'm well aware of what XBL has to offer, nor was I critiquing any of the offerings.

OMGitzThatGuy1264d ago

They also gave me free SSO dlc limbo and a year of gold.

Jag-T10001264d ago

I have live right now, ill be getting a ps4 soon, but I won't be getting PSN. Just want to play some of the RPGs it has.

DivineAssault 1264d ago

I think $50/yr isnt bad for access to new games every month and the ability to play some exclusives with friends.. Thats just me though..

TheCommentator1264d ago

I agree. XBL gold and PS+ are great value at ±5 bucks a month, even just for the complimentary SW. Since I seldom play online, I would not personally see enough value in either service without the free games. EA Access is a good value too if you like enough of their stuff.

markbob1264d ago

also if you watch out you can get PSN or Live for under $50. Yesterday there was a deal for live for $35

WeAreLegion1264d ago

You're missing out on Plus games, features, and great discounts. I always recommend getting Plus and XBL Gold.

MegaRay1263d ago

You have to check on Tales Of Zestiria, most fun I had in a game for so long

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