Ars Technica Review: Need For Speed reboots successfully for the stanced generation

Need For Speed is one of the longest running game franchises in the industry—and quite possibly the most veteran in the racing genre. The first NFS appeared back in 1994 and was as close as console gamers had ever gotten to a sim racer, featuring realistic (for the time) handling and real-world cars. Over the years sequels came and went, as did NFS's reputation among gamers. Now, NFS is old enough to buy itself a beer, but is this latest version—a reboot developed by Ghost Games and the series' 22nd entry—any good?

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Septic1267d ago

Not sure if that's a good thing lol. Tbh I look some stanced cars but racing and stance don't really go well together.

Elit3Nick1267d ago

Never mind that, driving and stance don't go together. I rode in a stanced RX-7 FD and my friend had to crawl over the train tracks so he doesn't mess its body

Septic1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I had a stanced car- absolute nightmare to drive.

Yeah its not worth it. It looks okay but isn't practical unless you're running airride.

I need to try this on EA Access. Im hearing mixed things.

Elit3Nick1267d ago

I wasn't really impressed by the beta, terrible rubber banding, small map, little customization options for a lot of cars, it's a real shame.