Leaked Fallout 4 Uncompressed PS4 Screenshots Look Much Better And Colorful Than Compressed Screens

A whole lot of Fallout 4 screenshots were leaked earlier today. These screenshots were apparently leaked by a user who had access to an early copy of the game. Sadly, these screenshots were compressed and as a result, the quality wasn't that good and it only added to the low quality graphics.

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angelsx1267d ago

That's different story.Looks much better

UKmilitia1267d ago

the difference makes the other pics loook like last gen.

Bansai1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I wish we could see landscape shots. PNG quality screens or not, they're not gonna magically add shadows and better tessellation

Bansai1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

2 new screenshots from the same guy, this time we can see further details and yeah, trees seem like they were just stuck there, no shadows at all etc.

One of those games that look much better in smaller spaces.

Dynasty20211267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Looks last-gen to be honest.

Definitely getting this on PC, look at the lack of shadow draw distance, and the haze is just there to cover up poor LOD.

ini file tweaks will fix that by boosting SDD at least.

b3ast1267d ago

Dont care about shadows I care about playing with a controller :D but yeah good thing we all dont prefer the same I guess.

seanpitt231267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Compared to the witcher 3 it does it looks like they was making this game for the ps360 then in the last couple of years decided to put it on the current gen hardware but didn't do much upgrading. I blame the creation engine it's just to old now they can upgrade that as much as they want it's going to look outdated they need to make a new one.

Regardless I will have a amazing time in this world and I cannot freaking wait it's been to long.

zeuanimals1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Wow. Why the disagrees? It's the truth. People care so much about graphics when it comes to literally every other game, just look at all of the articles comparing games on both consoles or the deep analysis articles for all of the big blockbusters and all of the people arguing about this or that looking better. Obviously, people care but Bethesda always gets a pass.

Whether or not they should get a pass lies in how they're utilizing the extremely outdated Creation engine. Creation allows for modding like no other so it's no wonder why they're sticking to it but I don't know if the engine should be holding back the game since modders are able to make Fallout 3 look better than these screens in some areas. It could be that the engine isn't able to be optimized enough for consoles to utilize it fully since it is outdated, meaning the devs have to scale it back a bit for it to run smoothly. This just limits my hopes of what types of mods will be available for conosles.

DC7771267d ago

Much better and love the look overall.

SolidStoner1267d ago

wow, it is a must buy, hope it will be bug free at the start!

zep1267d ago

lol a bethesda game bug free

nbafan4life1267d ago

true gonna be amazing but there will be bugs.........a lot

TwoForce1267d ago

Yeah, every bethesada games have bugs, not saying they are bad, but can be very annoying.

My_Outer_Heaven1267d ago

I don't mind a few bugs, like the hilarious ones that send enemies flying into the sky etc... but I hate bugs that break the game, stopping a mission from being able to be completed which has happened in the past forcing people to revert to an older game save. My advice is save a lot and safe often and not over the top of an old save. Keep old saves in case you need to go back.

Rimeskeem1267d ago

game breaking bug free is more likely

bloodybutcher1267d ago

I really want to buy it, but i'm still thinking about waiting till xmas.All the bugs should, hopefully, be patched by then.

b3ast1267d ago

There is a reason why some call them Bugthesda :D

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ColonelHugh1267d ago

So many people here complaining about Fallout 4's graphics, but these photo's look fantastic. Currently replaying through 3 and NV and this looks next gen for Bethesda for sure.

If you came here just to say disparaging things about Bethesda games in general (bad graphics, low content, terrible writing, poor optimization, favoritism, commie sympathizers, etc.), well, we've heard you before, and we don't care. Why are you really in this comment section anyway?

boodi1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

fantastic ?
you speaking Graphics ?
fantastic ? new gen ?

I'm in the comment section because I like to comment and because i sure buy this game ..but the graphics fantastic ?
they look ok
far from fantastic (/new gen wise ..)

I expected a bit more photorealistic and lifelike mood .. or metallic/darkish set and tone .
instead the set and foremost the color scheme and palette remind me of bioshok (on ps3)

which does look fantasy and fable
but not very much of a postapocalypse

boodi1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

fallout 4

that's fantastic?
i might be the minority .. but not fantastic to me

EazyC1267d ago




comments in such a ...
weird manner?

BlackWolf121267d ago

You have obviously never played a fallout game.

These screenshots are awesome for fallout 4.

badz1491267d ago

Not fantastic, but for Bethesda's standard, they are quite good.

nix1267d ago

Wow.. Those look like PS2 graphics. I take it that for Fallout it's great but maaan.. They're like a generation behind.

N4Geeing1267d ago

Oh pleeeeease... stop being technical! The graphics does look fantastic for a Bethesda game,im actually surprise that it even look this good.

PreAtaric1267d ago

@boodi - You're complaining about art direction, not graphic quality.

@Nix - Your memory regarding PS2 graphics is highly flawed.

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Ocsta1267d ago

Dude I simply do not get the people complaining about the graphics. To me theres more detail in that Red Rocket building than in anything I saw in the previous games, AND I PUT HUNDREDS OF HOURS INTO THEM! Fallout 3 and NV had so many graphical quirks and a sense of jankiness, you had to purposefully ignore them and focus on the experience! Fallout 4 looks detailed, sharp and thats without even mentioning the leap in quality of the character models! People be trippin'.

zeuanimals1267d ago

Bethesda games don't live in a vacuum, there's a whole wealth of open world games that look better. So why are you comparing it to the previous games? I mean, how low of a bar do you want to set? The previous games even looked terribly outdated for their time.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1267d ago

100% agree with you, bubble up for intelligent

Nivekki1267d ago

'there's a whole wealth of open world games that look better.'

And none of them are as expansive as Fallout 4, none of them. The Witcher 3, as much as I love it, run like crap for ages, it took patch after patch to get it running to a reasonable level. And that game is split up into sections, you can't reach everywhere on one map. And it has far less going on in terms of features.

zeuanimals1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )


Then we'll have to see if it'll run well, and remember, their previous games didn't. But to say that it looks good? That's a separate issue. When people are saying this, that, and this other thing look bad but they give Fallout 4 a complete pass... Isn't that an issue? I'm gonna enjoy Fallout 4, but I'm not going to lie to myself and say it looks good.

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BallsEye1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

That's nothing, man. If it would be an exclusive title, not multiplatform, the rage about the graphics would be much stronger.

As for me, I like pretty graphics, but a living world (yep, even in a post-apocalyptic game, is more important. Graphics whores screwed up nextgen. This gen was supposed to be about possibilities, not more pixels.

Dynasty20211267d ago

E3 scene:

PS4 leaked laughable graphics screenshot:

MASSIVE difference, even with the blur.

The PS4 version looks awful in comparison, and E3 was BLATANTLY therefore running on a PC using a controller.

Feralkitsune1266d ago

"and E3 was BLATANTLY therefore running on a PC using a controller."

When the hell aren't they?! It's either running on a PC, or a supped up dev kit. Demos are rarely ever shown on consoles.

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Phill-Spencer1267d ago

Honestly i already liked the screens we got earlier and didn't understand the critism towards it. But these simply look beautiful. Can't wait.

cd11267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Exactly my thoughts pal, graphically it looks better that Fallout 3 and most seemed to agree it was a class game.

The game looks great but the self-entitled gamers of this generation will complain about anything.
I sometimes forget many of the comments on here are being written by children and hormonal teenagers, i hope they take a look at their comment history in years to come and understand how foolish they looked to everybody else reading.
The other crowd who will slag these screens off are PC elistists (not proper PC gamers btw) just because they were captured off a console...pitiful.

ClayRules20121267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Fallout 4 really is a nice looking open world game "In my opinion"

As long as the game keeps me engaged in the story/world that my character is living in & the gameplay has a lot of variety, i'm happy.