Video Games Ripping off the Music Industry

According to a article, Warner Music Chief Executive Edgar Bronfman feels "The amount being paid to the music industry, even though their games are entirely dependent on the content we own and control, is far too small".

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morganfell4346d ago

I have a better title for this article: "Music Industry Loses Business to Video Games Due to Unwillingness to Innovate and Join the 21st Century"

Hobgoblin4346d ago

I agree completely. It's as though the music industry (soon to be followed by the film industry) blames the consumer because IT has failed to meet the changes in the way people want to listen to music.
It's another typical example of the abusive parent hitting a child and saying "Now look what you made me do!"
Industries like film and music should just count their blessings that they've had so many years of being able to openly over charge the consumer. It's over now, but they had a good run while it lasted and should be thankful. Maybe they'll just have to resort to accepting reasonable profits like everyone else, instead of astronomical ones.

PimpHandStrong4346d ago

you can find any music you want with just a few clicks. When you say the music industry needs to innovate i feel you really mean the bands that keep pumping out pop rock for the radio need to make better music!

well i will agree with that to a point but if you know where to look for the music you like you WILL find it!

Im a huge music fan and i own alot of it and todays metal/rock has some good bands! Not many of todays bands will stand the test of time like the bands of old but only time will tell

morganfell4346d ago

No, think deeper. I mean the music industry needs to innovate in terms of delivery and interfacing. Look at what happened a few years back. Rather than co-opting P2P, they went after Napster with a knife. When they did that they shoved file sharing even further underground and now it is forever out of their hands.

They need to rethink their marketing and delivery methods. The Chinese water principle says "Overcome by going along with something then you can redirect it from the inside." The music industry demonstrated their total ignorance of this and continues to believe the only way to fix matters is attack, attack, and attack file sharing. They will lose.

kinggeoff4346d ago

are the biggest bunch of whiners on the face of the earth.

"our profits went down 2.7% this year!!!"

"how many frivolous lawsuits did you file against children and old people?"

"about 2.7% profits worth"

chrisnick4346d ago

its not ripping off the music industry.....its ripping off the karaoke industry.....idiots.

lsujester4345d ago

Of course it is, Mr Warner Guy. Anything to make up for you increasingly falling sales numbers, and your complete lack of a desire for anything like, I don't know.... good music??