Q&A: Factor 5's Eggebrecht On Next-Gen Consoles

With 2006 drawing to a close, chatted to Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht (Lair) to divine his own opinions of next-gen consoles, his tips for programming on the PlayStation 3, and what he's looking forward to in 2007.

Eggebrecht is co-founder and president of San Rafael-based Factor 5, which started life as a small German developer in the late '80s. It was particularly known for the Turrican series, before moving to California to begin a long association with LucasArts and Nintendo on the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series for both Nintendo 64 and GameCube. More recently, its deal with Sony has produced PlayStation 3 dragon combat title Lair.

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Antan5261d ago

Quite an honest answer and gives Kudos all round. If only all developers could be as down to earth.

Maldread5261d ago

Great to hear a developer give credit to others who deserve it. If only more people on this site could be more this too, we might actually get something constructive out of it.

Looking forward to Lair as well.

OC_MurphysLaw5260d ago

Certain responses seemed genuine, many others seemed fairly canned. Being a 1st party developer his responses were measured and calculated regarding competitors. He basically threw mud on MS and indirectly on the Wii. Sure he praised it but in a round about way called out the Wii for falling into the same trap as before which was being "Nintendo" centric regarding the type of games(ie ...kid games).

Sure he was honest about the lack of games....because there are a lack of games for the PS3. No way he could duck around that. Interestingly he said they had the time to finish for launch and it was on them for not being ready by launch. Well given how much further down the road Lair is slated to release I have wonder what it is exactly that delayed them? If they had more than enough time....then why didn't they finish?

spacetoilet5260d ago

I thought it was a decent interview. So far we have read alot of blogs/comments/reviews (gamespot)that really lay into the ps3. I think this puts it into more perspective. I mean, we all know this is the most powerfull machine by far, even if the titles are sucky right now. But hang on to your hats PS3 owners, it's going to be one hell of a ride!
Oh yeah, please don't reply this thread with why I should choose this console over that console, I wish i could have all of them, but who can afford that? I just happen to like Japanese games so I gravitate toward sony consoles.

DJ5260d ago

I was surprised that he was giving a little bit of advice on how to start programming on the system. Lair was supposed to be a launch title according to numerous statements from Sony execs, but somehow got pushed back into the summer (just like Warhawk). Hopefully the extra dev time helps them and makes the title even more impressive.