Kimishima Promises “Totally New Gaming Experience” With Nintendo NX

What sort of experience will the NX provide? Evidently, a "new" one.

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AKR1268d ago

I'm all for it having unique features; as long as they build it in a way that third-parties can finally shut up about it not fitting their needs.

DragoonsScaleLegends1268d ago

I wish Nintendo and Sony would let me change my username...

deafdani1268d ago

You can with Nintendo. Not the NNID, but you can change your nickname anytime you want.

kaizokuspy1268d ago


You can do the exact same on psn except you can use vulgarity as well in your name

MehmetAlperTR1268d ago

I ve got Wii U.. and waiting for NX :) ( Also have PS4 XB1 )

Cyfyxtfg1268d ago

Me too, ill sell my wii u when the nx comes out prob tho. Might keep it for smash

AlphaKennyOne1268d ago

I don't play on consoles anymore but I do hope they can finally get more real third party games. They can't recycle the same characters forever.

abstractel1268d ago

I just wanted it to be more powerful than the PS4 and have a controller that's not a gimmick. Whatever else they add, I'm fine with it. I want third party support, and it would be great if we got some actual current or better gen graphics in our Nintendo games (like Zelda).

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YinYangGaming1268d ago

Remember Nintendo saying similar things before the reveal of the Wii U, hopefully they don't go wrong this time again as I'd definitely pick up an NX providing it's a good console, has features like a robust online network, achievements etc. and has 3rd party support

Concertoine1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

I hope this time the controller is a ball of microphones that you blow into to control.

superchiller1268d ago

What a brilliant idea! Sounds like something Nintendo would seriously consider, it certainly would set them apart from the competition.

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marloc_x1268d ago

I'm sure you could master that control scheme. .

AKR1268d ago

But the Wii U really was a new experience. Honestly, despite all the flack that it gets, the Gamepad is a really great addition, especially with certain titles like Pikmin 3 and Lego City: Undercover.

At the end of the day, I've had a lot of fun with the system, and I'm still doing so, which makes me all the more excited for whatever the NX is — as long as they do it right.

Qrphe1268d ago

If you're talking about specific experiences with specific Nintendo titles then I agree (since technically any new game on any new system is a new experience), but if you're talking about the Wii U overall then I disagree since what the Wii U could do was already out there in some form.

Ratty1267d ago

The controller really isn't the problem though. I agree that it's unique and IMO they should stick with it and/or improve on it (I'm a Sony guy so I really don't mind having the same controller for every system xD). The problem is in the hardware and their third party policies (they did loosen those a lot overtime however but the damage had already been done.)

I really wish they wouldn't already be talking about a new console though. I wanted to get a Wii U but if that's all it'll ever get I'll probably wait for the NX and/or if it is backwards compatible with Wii U titles.

superchiller1268d ago

Well said. It seems like Nintendo strives to set themselves apart, by adding gimmicks to their consoles that the mainstream game companies don't have. Unfortunately, those gimmicks usually deliver a worse experience than the competition, and they cause the base console specs to be mediocre at best.

For the NX, if Nintendo follows the same trend as their previous two consoles, they're not going to have a chance.

marloc_x1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )


3-4-51268d ago

Yea but this new guy was against releasing the Wii U, so maybe he's advice on the NX might help it be better.

Not sure really, but either way I'm excited to see what the NX is.

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user66660471268d ago

Hopefully our NX games will be attached to our accounts and not our console. Get with the times Nintendo!

Kalebninja1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Thats what the new Nintendo Account service will allow. They're replacing ID's and and your account will connect to all their platforms, mobile, and PC.

superchiller1268d ago

When did Nintendo announce that their new "Nintendo Account" would do away with their policy of tying digital purchases to hardware? Oh right, they never mentioned that at all.

Don't jump to conclusions and make false statements; until Nintendo actually changes that anti-consumer policy, it is still in effect.

tigertron1268d ago

I pray for a traditional console this time.

Crashbandicoot871268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Nintendo always come back hard! Have a lot of respect for them! Still enjoying my WII U

Ratty1267d ago

They've still yet to come back from the N64.

andibandit1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

No worries, the console will be fine, I'm more worried about what kind of controller they'll come up with this time.

Im thinking a powerglove in one hand, a nunchuk in the other, and two displays attached to your feet.