Mass Effect Andromeda: 15 Features We Don’t Want To See In the Sequel

The sci-fi rpg returns, but will travel to this new galaxy be a smoother ride?

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jreeves821270d ago

I would have read through the entire article if it weren't on a new Web page for each point. I hate when sites do that.

Godmars2901270d ago

Sounds especially insulting given that they made a video.

Enyxodin1270d ago

Just fix the animations and I am happy!

sullynathan1270d ago

You expect me to flip through 15 pages?
Also, there were enough guns in ME3 and the shooting mechanics were good in that game.

Crashbandicoot871270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I know I'm still young in age but Mass effect franchise was one of the best games last generation! Looking forward to this.

ThunderPulse1270d ago

No Microtransactions! PLEASE EA PLEASE

Roccetarius1270d ago

Of course they'll put in MT's. They made a crapload of money off of the gambling packs in ME3, which in turn paid for the ''Free'' DLC as a bandage on the craptastic development.

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