Angry "Video Game" Nerd Takes On Chronolgical Order In Games/Movies

First off, I thought his name was the Angry Nintendo Nerd…now he's the Angry Video Game Nerd?

Second…this guy is a friggin nut. The video you are about to see is about 10 minutes long, and he goes off on chronological orders. The discussion is first about games… but then, he begins to ramble about movies, including Star Trek, Rocky, and even The Naked Gun! Towards the end of the video, your seriously going to feel like opening the window and taking a fresh breath of air.

I need to go relax, cause he made me think WAY too much with this video.

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Arkham5263d ago

Why the F*K didn't I listen? Why did I have to click the link. How the f*k did this guy survive to be whatever age he is now?

I will never, ever get those minutes of my life back.