Halo 3 "ViDoc"

The US English version of the next Halo 3 Video-Documentary is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The video is mainly about the Brutes in Halo 3, but before you watch it read the following caveats just so there’s no confusion.

· There are no finished graphics in the documentary, and everything you see is a work in progress.

· This will be available initially only on Xbox Live Marketplace.

· The first version of the Vidoc, US English, will be live at 2am, PST.

· The rest of the localized language versions will be parceled out afterwards, hopefully within 24 hours. Please be patient.

· We will make another, non-marketplace version available relatively soon.

· It runs for seven minutes.

· Standard definition and high definition variants will be available.

The documentary will run for almost exactly seven minutes (coincidence? UNLIKELY!) and contains a first peek at the bad guy you will grow to love and hate in Halo 3. Well, mostly hate, but you will love fighting him.

You’ll see what amounts in a way to the first glimpse at Campaign content, but don’t get too excited. Everything you see here is a work in progress, and I’m afraid you won’t be seeing anything like finished graphics. This is just a chance to talk about the design philosophy and production behind what’s going to become a very important part of the next game. (Source : Bungie)

Update: If you don't have access to Xbox Live you can view a YouTube version below.

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m235257d ago

I think there might be gameplay, thats why he keeps saying that its a work in progress. That'll be cool, besides I wanted to know a little more about the brutes since I never really payed attention to them before. Hopefully the video won't take that long to download.

markfield5257d ago

... will ignore the 'work in progress' note and comment on how the graphics are not as good as they expected. See ya online at 2am PST. :)

Marriot VP5257d ago

a lot will, I can't stand those people who don't understand the phrase "pre-alpha" build.

big_tim5256d ago

for a work in progress. Especially the lighting and the animations of the brutes. Makes me want to go back and play Halo 2.

Ugly American5256d ago

I think it is awesome to see the evolution of the Brutes. What was more amazing was watching the Halo 2 cutscenes and feeling like they looked like crap compared to even the pre-alpha builds. The AI looks like it will be awesome.

It sounds like an overall improvement in gameplay and taking it back to the original Halo. Sweet.

m235256d ago

The brutes look a lot more interesting than before. Those animations look awesome as well, it'd be sick to see all that play out in a match.

mellowspaz5255d ago

I thought the game look very good too, but I disagree on the brute animation. They look very stiff, generally when moving around and shooting their weapons. The other stuff they were showing (ramming humans into the car looked great) But I hope they do more motion capture for the movements because the enemy animation looks like they have no elbows or knee caps

Yo Wassap5256d ago

I'm looking forward to this. In a way i'm looking forward to the idiots shouting that the game looks awful. After all it only lowers them, they have no effect on me.

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The story is too old to be commented.