Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Day 1 Update Size Revealed, Required For "Security And Stability"

As it is the norm with most games these days, Black Ops 3 also has a day 1 patch that is required before users can play the game.

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Relientk771266d ago

Hopefully it doesn't take too long to download

DarkLordMalik1266d ago

Those who can download it now will be lucky since the servers will likely suffer at launch, and the download speed will be slow.

SourtreeDing1266d ago

anyone know if 3 team , team deathmatch is back?

bjmartynhak1266d ago

It would be nice to be available to preload as well, if they can make it by one or two days before launch.

SonyMontana1266d ago

You can on PS4. Mine is downloading right now.

FITgamer1266d ago

I downloaded mine earlier today as well.

bjmartynhak1266d ago

Patch included? Cool!

(I was referring to the day one patch above)

Pikminmaniac1266d ago

@SonyMontana Good to hear I can start downloading it. Better make some room on my hdd for this.

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Dlacy13g1266d ago

When is the last AAA game we had launch that had some kind of MP element that didn't have a day one patch? this point we should all just expect day one patches on all games.

1nsomniac1266d ago

Never expect it. Always complain that's the only possibility we have to force devs to get rid of the problem. We shouldn't of allowed it to become the norm. A product should never be sold until it's complete.

Farsendor11266d ago

Well at least games can be patched now. These games were broken and couldn't be patched.

No Mercy saved game

Age of empires DS character name

Donkey Kong Country 2 castle crash

Pokemon red and blue. Suggestion google search too many things to say

Soul Calibur III corrupted memory card

Ravenor1266d ago


Most people who complain are to young to remember any of that, or PC games just plain launching unplayable and broken.

If a Day 1 patch is an actual patch which contains fixes, there is no issue. It's software on a far grander scale than anything games did before the 360/PS3, hell they used to ship games knowing full well that issues and bugs existed which would negatively impact the end user. What was the solution? By releasing a limited number of the copies which contained the bug/bugs at launch, the bugs would be fixed and further copies being printed and shipped would have the fixes. This is software, it's not as simple as some of you make it out to be.